'Anin, Jalama, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 15.4.10, Morning

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Shula B. (photos), Neta G. (reporting together)
Guest: Shlomit
Translated by Louis W.

06:10 Aanin Checkpoint

There is work, but no permits...The number of workers regularly crossing here is around 25, and then there are a few women and children, three tractors and one donkey. A tractor driver, speaking fluent Hebrew, wearing a peaked cap with European Union insignia, tells us that the Union financed a development project in the village, but the local workers’ wages were paid late. According to him only 200 permits were received for agricultural work in the fields beyond the checkpoint, where in fact 1200 were needed.The children from the Bedouin village at the foot of the checkpoint are waiting for transportion to school in Um e-Reihan. מי מקבל אישורי מעבר חקלאים בעאנין? קשישים וחמורים 


The gatesinfo-icon are already locked. We took a couple and their two small daughters to Bartaa junction. On the way they proudly showed us their well-kept olive groves. According to the father it is not worthwhile to grow vegetables between the olives because of the cows and sheep of Seamline Zone farmers.

07:05 Shaked-Tura Checkpoint
Not so bad, we talk to them nicely and they recognize us. On the Tura side (West Bank) a number of men are waiting by the turnstiles leading to the examination hut. A few cars cross in both directions. Schoolchildren go through to the West Bank, and soldiers check their satchels. Ch., a courteous veteran military policewoman, tells us: "There’s no choice, we attempt to be as nice as the situation permits." 


A volunteer from Yuval waits to take a father whose daughter is hospitalised at Hadassa after a second kidney transplant (the first failed), and the girl is in danger of dying. We pray for her to the gods of the little children.

07:45 Reihan-Bartaa Checkpoint
In the upper parking lot, a group of workers are being briefed before
going to Amriha area to work on road improvements.

 07:55 Dotan Checkpoint
Renewed roads for "the benefit of the residents of north Samaria..Huge notices inform the few settlers from Mevo Dotan and the two and a half million locals about the works to improve the main road. The workers come from the west, the heavy equipment comes from the east. Chaos, choked checkpoint, a soldier comes out to organise the mess and asks us to move further away because "perhaps someone will decide to run you over." One of the travellers to Jenin is Rasan, the Head of East Bartaa Council. Elections are close, he says, and afterwards there is a chance that East Bartaa will be recognised as a town. About seven years ago, when we started to observe at checkpoints, we would cross through the poor and sleepy village, which over the years became a huge flourishing bazaar. Rasan is running for mayor this time too.

 10:00 Jalame Checkpoint
(Neta, Shlomit)Scores of cars of Israeli Arabs waiting to go to Jenin.A sick child and his father are waiting for us to take them to Rambam Hospital. On the way the father gives us his vision of peace – simple, beautiful, and innocent. Please god...