Habla, Ras 'Atiya, Mon 26.4.10, Morning

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Nina S., Niva D., Ariela C. (reporting) (Chana S. translating)

Summary: Repeated problems at Habla gate, causing late opening in the morning. 

6.45  Habla gate. The gate is closed. The soldier explains that because of a technical fault in the Hummer the military policewoman is arriving late.

6.55 The Hummer with the woman soldier arrives. They start opening the gate but there is a problem with the lock which a few soldiers and officer try unsuccessfully to solve. A man waiting tells us that recently this has been a recurrent problem.

7.17  At last the gate opens. At the Palestinian side there seem to be some scores of men and women waiting, as well as a number of cars, a truck and a tractor. (We cannot see clearly from where we stand.)

7.21  The first workers cross the checkpoint.  Checking takes some 5 minutes – they are checked in batches of 5. 

Ras a-Taieh.  A bus with children enters the village.  The driver gets out for checking.

 Next to Shevut Ami, we see three figures under an olive tree, apparently armed.At the entrance to Kedumim, at the trampiadot on both sides of the road, there are soldiers and a military jeep.

    The road leading to Shave Shomron opposite the old Haviot checkpoint is blocked.At the entrance to Yizhar, at the trampiadah, we see a Border Police jeep with soldiers beside it.  Next to them stands a settler with tefillin.

 Huwwara.  Traffic flows in both directions, without a queue.  2 heavily loaded trucks have to return towards Nablus.  Later they are seen exiting at the Awarta checkpoint.  A tender carrying sheep is allowed to pass through the Hawarra checkpoint.
 Beit Furik.  The checkpoint is not manned, except for the watchtower.
 Kfar Huwwara .  We see an IDF infantry patrol in the village.

10.00 Zatra junction.  Traffic flows in all directions.  At the west-east entrance, a doghandler checks a taxi after the driver and passenger have got out.  In the parking lot, a Palestinian car is examined by police who have arrived in a police jeep.