Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Sun 9.3.08, Morning

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Lea S., Yael Z. (reports)

Guests: Isabela (Lea's student)


Maitar CP – Deserted due to the closureinfo-icon since last Friday.

Road 60

Dura El Pawar – Open on both sides, many cars crossing.

Sheep J. – Pedestrians on their way to Hebron

Shauch – Sair – Close, and deserted

Many children are seen along the road, on their way to school.


Entering Hebron from Kiriat Arba - a new graphity was painted on the closed doors of the shops, calling for revenge and death to the Arabs.

Military jeeps with soldiers with guns on, securing the junctions toward Abraham Mosque.

Only few international volunteers are seen around and few children are seen going to school through the Pharmacy and Tarpat check points.

On our way back, down from Abraham Mosque, we saw a detainee caught by the Boarder Police soldiers. He was checked all over and released when we stopped to watch.

Halhul east – Open.

The way back along road 60 was quite and frustrating.