Beit Furik, Beit Iba, Huwwara, Jit, Thu 5.8.10, Morning

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Edna K., Rina T. (reporting)

Translation: Suzanne O.

We photographed the late Beit Iba roadblock.

Road 60 opened 2 days ago to Palestinian drivers to Jenin.  That is, there is no roadblock at Shevei Shomron.

At Jit Junction a police vehicle was parked but did not stop the traffic.

At the road leading up to Sara a military vehicle was parked.

We brought parcels of clothes to Mahmoud who works for a charity organisation in Tulkarm.  He himself is refused by the Shabak.

We visited a family in Anabta.  Edna used to transport their little girl, when she was two years old, for treatment at Ichilov Hospital after surgery to remove a tumour from her head.  The little girl is blooming but the family has to deal with a difficult genetic disease.  The disease leads almost to a vegetative state and has attacked two little girls aged 2 and 4, it cannot be treated in the hospitals in the territories.  They asked for help to get treatment in Israel.  Their belief in Israeli medicine borders on the supernatural.  Edna approached the Peres Centre.

Beit Furiq roadblock

Traffic flows in both directions with no hold ups.

Apartheid (or in decontaminated language - sterility - from what?) is protected on Madison Way as previously.  There is even a sign (for the first time openly and publicly) ordering it.

We visited more friends of Edna in Beit Dejan.


Huwwara roadblock

1:40 p.m. 

There are two military positions even before the roadblock - one opposite the settlers' hitchhiking point and one at the entrance to the car park (empty).  Perhaps this is to discourage Jews from going into Nablus.

At the entrance to Nablus there is no additional roadblock.  At the exit there is an inspection and people queue to receive permission to cross.

A private vehicle is held up at the side.  We don't know since when.  We tried to find out but when we approached the position a soldier came out and firmly, but politely, insisted that we move away and did not answer any questions.  About a quarter of an hour later the car was released to go on its way. The rest of the cars crossed without hold ups.


Kipel Hares

2:30 p.m. 

At the entrance there is a military vehicle.  There are soldiers in the look out post.

When we were in Anabta people from Hares told us that religious Jews come to pray there at a 'sacred tomb'.

We read in a previous that the tomb belongs to Calev ben Yefune