'Anin, Jalama, Reihan, Mon 23.8.10, Morning

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Leah R., Ruthi T (reporting)

Translation: Bracha B.A.

06:05 A'anin
We can already see workers being checked beyond the second gate, buttoning their pants, refastening their belts, and tucking in their shirts.  Sometimes we hear people calling, "Get back!" or "One at a time!"

By 06:40 13 people and 3 tractors have passed through.  An invalid somehow convinces the soldiers by waving his hands and motioning that he has land and wants to go to work there. 
At 06:40 the gate closes and a lieutenant announces to us that the show is over and there is nothing else for us to do there.

07:00 Reihan Barta'a
About a quarter of the lower parking lot is filled with cars.  Not many people are coming to the checkpoint.   There are no tenders with merchandise.  Six cars are waiting in front of the first position to be checked.   At 07:27 7 cars approach the inspection point as the dogs bark 

08:15 Jalamen
One car is going to the West Bank. Malach, a smiling nine-year-old girl, whom we are taking to Rambam hospital for treatment, comes out of the empty terminal.  She is accompanied by her father or another relative and another person joins them for the who is also going to the hospital.