Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya, Thu 19.8.10, Morning

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Raya (reporting)

South Mount Hebron, Hebron, Tarkomia

Shlomit L., Ronit G., (Guests)

Translation: Bracha B.A.


The checkpoint is quiet and there is no one crossing during the afternoon.

At the Shiyuch Hebron junction they have removed the concrete barriers and cars can now enter the shiyuch from the main road.  The blocks have now been moved to the other side and there are now two checkpoints next to the girls' school at the entrance to Hebron.


It is very quiet in Hebron - it is hot and it is Ramadan.  There are not many people in the streets.  Settlers drive to Tel Romeida at breakneck speed.  If there were a speed trap there the finest would cover much of the expenditures of the Hebron police department.

We visited Jabar whose fields are drying up.  He told us that settlers had come to the house of his brother who lives across the way.  The police came and took a member of the family to submit a complaint.  One of the members of the family recorded the event with a camerainfo-icon.

There is hardly a person tin sight in Tarkomia - probably because of the heat and the fast of Ramadan.