'Anabta, 'Awarta, 'Azzun, Deir Sharaf, Habla, Huwwara, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Sun 11.7.10, Morning

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Natalie C., Ayala H., Translator: Charles K.

 Habla, 07:40

About 20 people were waiting at the checkpoint when we arrived. They came through in groups of 5-6 persons each.

One man was detained for about 20 minutes.  He said that he’d bypassed the line.  He crosses here every day.  The soldiers said he didn’t want to go through the machine.  Soldier:  “Make him go through the machine six times; that’ll teach him.”


A military jeep stands at the entrance to Azzun.


Huwwara – Traffic flows.


‘Anabta – no soldiers; traffic flows.


09:45  Barrels – empty


10:00  Irtach – empty.