Reihan, Shaked, Sun 20.6.10, Afternoon

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Ruthi T., Hanna H., (Reporting)

Translation: Bracha B.A.
16.40 – 15.00

Shaked Checkpoint 15:00

The traffic today is not as it usually is: only four cars and people are going through in both directions.  Evidently the checkpoint was closed today from 09:00 – 14:00.  The head of the regional council of Dahar el Malak tried to call the Liaison and Coordination Administration but "no one answered."  The soldiers told us that two people jumped over the fence and a "security incident" occurred and the checkpoint was closed.  The head of the regional council told us that recently they asked to bring a radiator for the generator that is the only source of electricity in the village and they were not permitted to do so.  J., a resident of Um a-Reihan who takes school children to Yaabed, complains that the soldiers have been delaying him each day and that he is in danger of losing his livelihood.  The soldiers say that he attempted to smuggle something across into the seamline zone.  They will not tell us what it was – it's confidential because of security.  

Reihan Checkpoint – 15:30
We met a resident of East Barta'a who pumps out the sewage pipes in Barta'a.  He owns the only truck in the village that can offer this service.  On the 17th of June the civil authorities confiscated the vehicle, claiming that he was pumping sewage in a place that was not permitted.   Until now he emptied it in the garbage dump but the dump is now closed.  The garbage in East Barta'a is now collected by the Palestinian Authority using a truck that goes through the checkpoint every day and empties it at a place in the West Bank.  The truck was confiscated without warming.  An alternative place for dumping the waste was set in West Barta'a, where the truck cannot go.   We brought clothing to give people and were told to have it checked inside the facility.  We were impressed with the cleanliness and order inside.
15:55 – The terminal is quiet.  Three detaineesinfo-icon are waiting to one side.   People with children and babies are returning from the West Bank and workers are returning to the West Bank.   Today there are relatively few workers returning from Israel.  Evidently today the computers at Irtah had a malfunction and 80% of the workers did not get out to work and returned home.     
16:15 – A soldier and security guard come to deal with one of the detainees.  After a few questions he is allowed through the checkpoint.  The other two are still waiting.