Reihan, Shaked, Wed 23.6.10, Morning

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Nava R.

Translation: Bracha B.A.

07:00 Shaked – Tura Checkpoint
The checkpoint opened at 07:05.  17 people, two herds of goats, three cars and two wagons pulled by donkeys are waiting on the eastern side.  Suddenly there is disorder. A group of teachers is attempting to cross without being checked.  This morning there is a matriculation exam in mathematics and they need to be there in time.  The soldiers did not agree that they cross without being checked.  After 45 minutes the group of teachers and their car finally cross.  15 minutes later another group of teachers crosses through.  The rest of the teachers did not cross until 08:10.  One of the teachers was holding the examination booklets.  A ten-year-old boy is stuck on the eastern side of the checkpoint.  He is listed in his mother's ID card but arrived with his father.  The father has brought the mother's ID card, but his permit only allows him to cross at Reihan!  The father crosses but the boy is left on the eastern side of the fence.

Y., the driver, has been blacklisted by the General Security Services and is constantly harassed. He is forced to wait for 45 minutes while other cars and taxis are allowed to drive through.  After a half hour I call the Liaison and Coordination Administration and speak to an officer. We have known Y.for years.  He drives children from to school from the seamline zone to school in Tura in the West Bank.  He crosses the checkpoint six or seven times each day.  IF he has to wait he will not be able to earn a living.  All of a sudden he has been accused of something that is making his life miserable.  Y. finally crossed at 08:45.  
09:00 Reihan-Barta'a Checkpoint
The parking lot was filled with cars from businessmen from Barta'a.  No trucks were waiting.  I left at 09:45 and the checkpoint was quiet.