Reihan, Shaked, Wed 9.6.10, Morning

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Vivien S"B, Marica, Nava R. (reporting)

07:40 - 08:50 Shaked-Tura checkpoint
 12 people waited on the other side of the fence to cross over unto the Seam Line zone. All went through within 20 minutes.

The driver Y. who drives children told us that now, all of a sudden he is banned from entering Israel, ever since this new development he is detained for an hour at the entrance to the Seam Line zone.

09:00 - 10-15 - Rihan-Barta'a checkpoint
People entered the terminal from the Palestinian car park area, but were forced to wait inside the sleeveinfo-icon not allowed to enter the terminal. As it turns out earlier in the morning rhe identification biometric device was out of order and that caused a delay of an hour in the passage process.

All those working in Barta'a were forced to wait.

 10:00 - the hour long traffic jem was lifted.

At the vehicles'  inspection post all is as usual.

Something new:-  The gate between  the Palestinian car park area and the road was opened thus adding more parking space to the crowded parking lot.