Eliyahu Crossing, Ras 'Atiya, Thu 29.4.10, Afternoon

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Tom K. and Karin L.

Translation: Hanna K.

14:00 Ras 'Atiya

L. the military policeman doesn’t remember whether in the morning the children and the schoolteachers were asked to leave the bus for checking ("I didn't put any stress on that").
After a few moments' conversation they ask us not to stand in the area of the CP.

14:10 Two small children, aged about eight, with schoolbags, pass over to Ras a Tira, the military policeman and another soldier come up to the children, who open their bags while the soldiers check them.

14:20 The soldiers chase away the children who had been waiting in the shed behind the CP and insist that we should stand behind the fence. A woman and two small children (4,5) arrive at the CP.
The children remain alone while the mother is sent to be checked in the building
A man with a tender is detained for ten minutes while the soldiers thoroughly, gravely and earnestly check all the car's appliances. 

14:45 Eliyahu Gate – a few Palestinians on their way to the West Bank are detained by the police. There are no cars in the queue. There are three cars behind the CP.

The entrance to Azzun is open.