Petah Tikva - Danger to Regional Security, Remand Extension

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Ada H.

Translation. Lydia A.

Note: Full report on the Hebrew website

Judge: Major Itai Regev;

Defense: Attorneys Mahajne and Aabed;

Investigator: advanced staff sergeant major Aataf Avida;

Interpreter: staff sergeant Raad Halabi;

Keyboard operator: Dror Mandola

General remark: a female prison guard whom I have not seen before escorts the detaineesinfo-icon. She is blue-eyed, coarse, wearing disposable gloves.  The detainees are brought in blindfolded and she takes off their blindfolds and handcuffs when in the courtroom. Her answer to my question whether she makes them ascend the stairs blindfolded, handcuffed, and shackled, is: ”did you see me making them come up blindfolded”?  The truth is I did not, just saw then coming in and going out.

The atmosphere in the courtroom is calm and full of smiles – does not reflect the fact that the proceedings concern human lives.

There are 14 detainees on the agenda today, 4 of them barred, but in fact only 8 were processed because one was a client of Leah Zemel, who did not turn up, and none of the lawyers present agreed to take up his case; one suspect did not arrive from another detention center and the cases of the remaining suspects were passed on to prosecution.

1.      Amid Suliman Harash, from Nablus, arrested on 13.11.07.

Request: 8 days

Defense lawyer Aabed (asks the investigator about the conduct of the investigation and gets the usual answers): the suspect was barred from seeing a lawyer until yesterday so this is their first meeting.  There was enough time to complete all that was needed.  The case is simple and the accused already made a statement.

Decision:  The respondent, born in 1981, was arrested a fortnight ago and was interrogated the same day. He made a police statement. The investigation schedule submitted to me may help to clarify the suspicions.  Remand for 8 days (12 minutes).

Muhmad Raak Saliman Kalbova, from Nablus, arrested 06.11.07

Request: 8 days.

Mr. Aabed leaves the decision to the court following hearing the suspect.

Decision: the suspect was detained three weeks ago and has been under interrogation since then.  The suspicions are prima facie well grounded.  The investigative action so far and those requested follow from the interrogation.  Remand 8 days. (4 minutes).


3.      Nazer Heidad Magad H’raz, from Nablus, arrested 22.11.07.

Request: 22 days

Mr. Mahajne objects. This is the first remand. The suspect was wanted but following an agreement between Israel and the Palestine Authority, he was said to have been pardoned and became an officer in the Palestine police. He was absolved from all the offences attributed to him 4 months ago.

Decision:  Arrested a week ago and the investigation is still going on.  He claims to have been pardoned for past offenses. According to the classified report he is suspected of recent offenses. The proof of his claim to immunity is on him.  Nevertheless, for the sake of efficiency I request the prosecutor’s reaction. As to his request to contact his family I am instructing the investigation team to consider this request favorably under conditions set by the head of the team. The suspect’s lawyer too will no doubt be in contact with the suspect’s family and will update him at their future meetings.  The investigation may be completed in a time shorter than requested. Remand for 12 days.

4.      Barred: Hashem Samir aa/Rahim Shalabi, from Zara Nubani, Ramalah

Arrested 26.11.07

Request: 15 days (barred for 3 days beginning 27.11.07 for reasons of regional security and for the benefit of investigation.  Mr. Mahajne objects.

Decision: Remand for 15 days.

Bahar Suliman Hoash, from Nablus, arrested 16.10.07.

Request: 16 days

Mr.Aabed consents.  Decision: Remand for 16 days.

6.  Bahar Suliman Hoash, from Nablus, arrested 16.10.07.

Request: 16 days.

Mr. Aabed consents.