'Azzun, Habla, Jit, Wed 1.9.10, Afternoon

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Sara F., Chana K.

Translator:  Charles  K

15:00 – Zeita-Jama’in junction: 

More than twenty vehicles waiting for laborers returning from work.  We visited a family that welcomed us in Einabus.  The usual story: the father is unemployed, has worked in Israel since he was 12 years old.  He had been employed by a publisher until he was fired because of “downsizing,” and now he’s looking for an Israeli contractor who’ll “invite” him to work for him.

16:00 – Jit-Sara junction checkpoint

The road to Yitzhar has been closed to Palestinians, through both entries, and is open only to Israelis.

16:35  An army jeep is stationed at the entrance to Azzun.

17:00  Habla:

Almost 30 people returning from their fields and wanting to get home wait in front of the closed iron gate next to barbed wire fences.  The soldiers are late opening the gate,

at 17:15 instead of at 16:45, as expected.  The laborers pass through, are carefully checked and continue on their way