Qalandiya, Wed 15.9.10, Afternoon

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Daniela, Hanna (Reporting)ף Translation: Bracha B.A.

16:00 At the parking lot in the southern section traffic is still moving. 

Sleeves 1, 3, and 4 are operating and the cage is empty. 

Three hugs fans have been installed to keep the crowds of people in the cages cool, but today there is no need for them.  The fences surrounding the guard booth protecting the cages already reach to the sky.  There are layers and layers of protection surrounding soldiers who do nothing but press the open and close buttons.

The red shed is filthy and several of the benches are missing and only their legs remain.  Since Ramadan the northern lot is clean and orderly.

There is a waiting line for people entering Jerusalem at 16:00 and people have to wait about a half hour.   ("That's already good.  Before it used to be an hour and a half."   

A Palestinian ambulance makes its way through the area with its siren wailing. 

A man from Ramallah who has a green ID card   His wife lives on the Mount of Olives and has a blue ID card.  How do they meet?  She is free to visit him in Ramallah, but he needs a permit to see her that is given occasionally. 

We returned through sleeveinfo-icon number 1.  A young woman in front of us is well-dressed and carrying a lot of shopping bags.  She has come to the checkpoint one day before her permit and is told, "Go home and come back tomorrow!"  Why not, "I'm sorry madam, but you've come one day early and I can't let you through.  Please come back tomorrow.  I’m sorry about the mix-up."  Tomorrow she will no longer be dangerous?
The woman relents and leaves.