Ofer - Danger to Regional Security, Administrative Detention

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Norah Orlow, Rama Yacobi

Translation: L.A.


Of the tens of people waiting in the shed there were just five left when we were leaving at 13:00.  One of them told us that he had been waiting a long time to see his 16 year old son detained since February 2007, but has not been called to enter the court compound yet.  He has not seen his son since his arrest nearly a year ago.  Lawyer Misk came out and explained that the son (age 16!) who is under administrative detention, has been brought to the court for his third remand. There was no chance he could see his son.  Though it is Misk who takes care of arrested minors, in view of the circumstances (administrative detention) another lawyer (Jamil Hatib) was assigned to the case. 


While queuing for body-check we were told by a very young woman that last time she was requested to lift up her shirt, then her bra and the girl soldier felt her breasts (what precisely was she looking for there?).  She was then ordered to lift up her skirt as well.

(Norah:  while being checked, I asked the girl-soldier for the reason for the manual    

inspection.  “Does the detector you use on my body detect everything you’re looking for?”  “Yes”.   Why then do you feel the bodies of the Palestinian women manually as well?”  “Well, this is another matter.  These are our orders.  Ask those in charge”. We shall do that.


Courtroom 1 (observer: Rama)

Judges: Major Ronen Atsmon (pres.), major Menahem Liberman, major Amir Dahan

Prosecution: cpt. Meital Zrihan


Fares Muhamed Id Azar – case no. 2070/06

Charge:  causing death


Defense lawyer: Ali Gozlan


We entered the courtroom towards the end of cross-examination of a prosecution witness. The accused ignored everything and was talking to his wife who was present in the courtroom.

Next session – defense – will he held on 17.01.08 

Faiz Abd-Almohadi Salam Zidat – case no. 1848/06, resident at Bani Na’im

Brother present in the courtroom

Charge:  attempt at causing death


Defense lawyer: Haled Elarej

Judge: the defense will skip the defense plea

Next session – reminder – 06.02.08

 Anas Tisir Abd Zalahat -  case no. 2420/07


Charge: kidnapping


Defense lawyer: Haled Elarej

Brother and sister present in the courtroom

It was hard to hear and understand what it was all about.  According to the lawyer, his client was accused of kidnapping  (a collaborator) and murder, though he insists that his client’s connection to the death  (assuming there was a death) cannot be proved. He requests to examine the prosecution witness, since, according to the lawyer, the witness had no personal  knowledge of what happened to the kidnapped man.

Next session – 16.04.08


Courtrooml 4 (observer: Norah)


Samir Muhamed Shritah – case no. 5387/07,  age 49, resident of Mazra a Kabatiya Detained since 29.10.07

Judge: lieutenant  colonel  Dror Sabransky

Prosecution: Lieutenant Sagi Ashkenazi

Defense: Naomi Hagar (of the Gabi Laski and Smadar Ben Nathan law office)

Charge: activities against public order


Brother and representative of the Mazra village committee present in the courtroom


From the indictment: “ After the noontime prayer on 26.10.07, the accused, with 80 others, went to a vineyard between Nariyah and Dolev, near Beth El (settlement).  On arrival there, the accused, together with… two other people, cut the barbed wire fence surrounding the vineyard… they then entered it and uprooted the vine plants and damaged the irrigation pipes… When security forces arrived they fled from the site...”


Prosecution witnesses include: police investigator, other police force members, IDF soldiers and Palestinian incriminators.


The defense requests - with the consent of the prosecution – a deferment, the accused being one of a group of people arrested on the same day in the same circumstances.  Ms. Lasky asked for defermentl of  the other cases as well. 

The session on this case will be held on 29.01.08 before judge Liberman who dealt with yet another case connected with the event.


Mustafa Rabhi Mustafa Aazi – case no. 4876/07,  age 20, resident of Beth Likyia

Charge: conspiracy to cause death

Stage: reading

Defense: Naomi Hager


From the indictment:  “ The accused conspired in June 2007 to throw or to put a bomb, a hand-grenade or other explosives with the intention to cause death or damage to people or property… the accused conspired with another person to produce explosives out of gas pipes.  They decided to activate the charge at the fence near the Beth Likyia village.  The two tried to recruit another man to cooperate in the attack but he refused their offer”.


The prosecution witnesses include: a police investigator (who takes the accused man’s  statements  and edits their translation into Hebrew) and two Palestinian incriminators (one of them under detention).


The defense lawyer declares that the accused denies the facts and the charge.  She also claims that the indictment is too general: it does not give details of time and place.  She reserves the right to plea later in the course of the trial in accordance with the developments in the case…..” in our understanding, the investigation shows some faults and I request to summon all the witnesses”


The proofs session will be held on 24.03.08.  Prosecution witness no.2 (a Palestinian) will be summoned.