Ofer - Stone Throwing, Holding and trading of combat materiel

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Ilana Hammerman, Roni Hammerman, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.

The trials take place in Courtrooms 1 and 2.

Many relatives wait in the waiting shed to be summoned and undergo security check-up. The women are examined in a separate room; the men in front of everybody.

The lists posted on the doors of Courtroom 1 and 2 were from much earlier dates (December). We were told to obtain today’s list from the translators, which we did.

Courtroom 2

27 cases, 3 of them concerning minors.

Judge: Raffi Arania

During the entire session, the typist desk was surrounded by defense attorneys, translators (at least two at any given time), and officers of the Prison Service). Their chatter made it hard to listen to the arguments of the defense, the prosecution and the judge. Often, because of the crowding, the judge could not see the defendants while speaking to them.
One of the translators kept pounding on the desk to stop the only conversations that disturbed him – those between defendants and their relatives, claiming they interfered with his work.

Attorney Iyad Misk defended three children, aged 15 and 16. The three belonged to a group of four that was detained together. The family of one of the group hired a private attorney who got his client a 6 months sentence.
Misk used this as precedent to reach a settlement with the prosecution. The judge consented.

The three children received a five-month sentence from the day of detention and a 2000 shekel fine.
When the second boy was brought before the judge, his father came in too. He stayed for the next trial as well (the boy’s face lit up when he saw his neighbor present). The other parents did not show up, because, as the father told us, the ride to court costs 200 shekels.

The boys are:
4913/07 – Bahaa Zubhi Muhammad  Mahna – 16 yrs old
4880/07 – Ameer Amad Abd Algaffar Alhamur – 15 yrs
4114/07 – Adi Ahmad Ali Guabra – 16 yrs

The three are accused of throwing objects
The defense attorney of all three was
Iyad Misk

Case No. 4771/07 – Taa Kassem Muhammad Al-Sheikh
Evidentiary stage
Charge: Membership and Activity
Defense: Ahlam Haddad

Haddad requests a date for witnesses’ appearance and is given 31.3.08.
Her request for a Memorandum Session is met with impatience and irascibility by the judge, who claims he has no available date for a session,“I won’t argue with you… Enough… Next case”
Haddad tries to point out that this is an infringement on her client’s right, but she is prevented from doing so. 

Case No. 5783/07 – Muhammad Abdullah Muhammad Al-Atza
Procecdure: Arraignment
Defense: Ahlam Haddad
Charge: Membership and Activity

Haddad claims that there is a mistake in her client’s name: it is Muhammad and not Mahmud. She further requests to check his alibi: Muhammad was in administrative detention in 2005-2006 at the time of the alleged offense. Haddad wants to know how Muhammad could have carried out the offense when he was in administrative detention. The judge orders the prosecution to check the facts and to modify the charges accordingly (NOT to release the defendant).
The next session is set for 3.3.08.
Haddad requests an earlier date, seeing that the defendant has been in custody for 10 months for no reason. The judge bursts out: “Ask the system to add more judges and prosecutors!” 

Case No. 5331/07 – Jamal Hassin Hassan Al-Auwada
Procedure: arraignment
Charge: Membership and Activity
Defense: Jamil HatibThe defendant has been in administrative detention for membership in an illegal organization in 2002-03 for 26 months. He was released, then arrested again and put in regular detention. The defense requests a Memorandum session and an Evidentiary session. This time the judge found time for a Memorandum  session, 27.2.08. The Evidentiary session is set for 12.5.08. 

Case No. 2669/07 – Ibrahim Hassan Abdulla Shahin
Charge: possession and sale of weapons
Procedure: Verdict
Defense: Haled Alaraj
There is a plea bargain for 16 months
The judge rejects the bargain.
Verdict: 24 months.