'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 1.11.10, Morning

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Ana N"S., Hana H. (reporting)

6:05 - 8:00

6:05 - A'anin checkpoint
Most of the people have already gone through. According to the DCO representative on site, about 75 people have crossed over.

He also thinks that most of those requesting passage permits, have received it, including those whose trees border the fence.

At 6:20 Another group of people arrives with two tractors. One of the people in that last group complains that in case they complete their work earlier, or if someone gets hurt, or gets sick they are unable to return home through another checkpoint, but rather have to wait until 15:30 for the opening of the A'aneen gate,( because only there it'll be registered that they have returned to the West Bank - other wise they'd be considered illegal aliens).

6:35 - Rihan checkpoint
A few workers and many cabs wait at the upper car park area.

Only 2 workers from the carpets plant had crossed over and they tell us thatpassage is extremely slow and that the terminal is full of people. Passage time is 40 minutes. We go down the sleeveinfo-icon and find out that only a few come  out of the terminal.

At 6:45 another window opens inside the terminal which expedites the pace, all come out running but managed to complain about the delay.

At 7:10 we are reported that the terminal is still full of people.

Passage of vehicles from the SeamLine zone to the West Bank is handled swiftly.

inside the vehicles inspection post 8 pickup trucks with goods are under inspection. 3 loaded trucks wait on the road while 4 other pickup trucks wait at the lower car park area.

 7:20 - Shaked checkpoint
Most of the workers have already gone through and there is a slow traffic of pedestrians to both directions. From the SeamLine zone to the West bank there are mostly school children. Pupils who had crossed the gate wait on the other side for transportation to school.

Y. the driver tells us that the soldiers at the checkpoint are new and therefore passage is slow.

A teacher who wait to cross over, tells us about his Asthmatic sister (whom we've reported about in past reports) despite the note that releases her from going inside the cabin for inspection, soldiers do not free her from the inspection.

Vehicles cross over simultaneously to both directions. A resident of Tura complains of sewage from the military base floods his land and the near by lands. He had turn to the DCO but as of now, nothing had been done regarding that.