Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Sun 24.10.10, Morning

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Zipi and Yael

6.40am: The parking lot on the Israeli side is still packed with vehicles, waiting for the last workers to be checked.
Three buses of prisoners' families park on the Palestinian side, the women and children standing in line awaiting security check, while workers who still arrive pass through towards the checking positions.

The Red Cross diligently explains that they all go to Ramon (prison) today.

Route 60

All the side roads leading to route 60 are open and on some of them, military vehicles can be seen, looking out for cars and stopping some for a quick check. Lots of orange taxis are rushing towards Hebron, stopping to take students and teachers along the road.


A CPT volunteer at the Pharmacy CP told us that check ups are relaxed and most civilans are not checked at all.

Going to visit Michael, we saw some soldiers escorted by a policeman wandering around the olives, waiting for the harvesting farmers. Michael told us that it was recently announced that Sunday and Monday are "olive harvesting days in the Hebron area". He doubted that the farmers were aware of this and added that they determine harvesting relative to the olives' ripeness alone.

On our way back we didn't see any military vehicles along the road and in some olive grooves there were farmers picking.