Reihan, Shaked, Sun 3.10.10, Afternoon

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Yocheved G., Lylla (a guest from Germany), and Hana H.

15:10 - Shaked checkpoint
A taxi drives into the West Bank without any delays.
Adults with children return from the West Bank into the SeamLine zon. Passage is swift. That same taxi returns from the West Back quick.

16:40 Rihan checkpoint
n addition to the  workers  returning from into the West Bank, there are may people going to a funeral in Zbeida.
Workers report that the morning passage at the Itrach checkpoint was slow and took about an hour and a half. Other workers, who went to work in Barta'a through the Rihan checkpoint report that  there is a new arrangement at the post when at 06:00 'the peek of the morning passage,' there is a change of shifts causing even greater delay.

At the entrance to the terminal - innovation !! The turnstyles were replaced by new ones and at least today it seems that there is a separation between entrance of workers into the terminal and exit of those returning from Jenin - which prevents and unbearable pressure on the carousel.
WE hope it stays that way !
Workers arrive at the gate in waves and the time they wait until they go through is 10-15 minutes.
A resident of Tura tells us that he has a plot of land of 4 Donams in the SeamLine zone, but he cannot get an agriculture passage permit because it was known that he wasn't cultivating the land.

16:22 - Many more people begin to arrive and at 16:30 another window opens.
A woman, resident of Barta'a came back from Jenin together with her daughter and another youngster, she went through immediately and the two were asked into an inspection cabinet and were delayed for an unknown reason.