Reihan, Shaked, Sun 19.9.10, Afternoon

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Ruti T. and Hana H.
Translated by Yael S.
15:00 Shaked checkpoint
Traffic is heavier than usual. Passengers cars returning from the West Bank into the SeamLine zone,

Some of whom couldn't return yesterday.
Inspection is swift and all get out with in 3 minutes.
Soldiers receive food and passage is brought to halt for a few minutes.
Vehicles and pedestrians who arrive from the SeamLine zone go through inspection swiftly.

15:40 - Rihan checkpoint
6 cars wait in line at the vehicles' inspection post in the direction of the West Bank. One car with passengers going to a wedding in the West Bank is detained because one of the passengers is an Israeli. A few minutes later the matter is sorted out and traffic is resumed, but inspection of passengers vehicles who hold magnetic cards takes about ten minutes and in the meantime the line grows longer.

- We go down the sleeveinfo-icon and meet women with children returning from Jenin loaded with parcels.

- Inside the terminal only one window is open and lets people cross over to both directions.
Workers returning from work report that today the Yirtach checkpoint was opened only at 4:30 (instead of 4:00) and the crowding was heavy. People who arrived at 5:00, came out at 6:30 only.

- The stream of returning workers grows stronger but entrance into the terminal is delayed due to those returning from Jenin - women and children with parcels who are treated at the very same window and come out through the same turnstile.

Only some chairs, transported from the West bank, were "fortunate" in that a different door was opened for them (by touching a button).
Outside there is crowding (about 50 people) and pressure at the turnstile. People wait 15-20 minutes to enter the terminal, but later passage and inspection are quick.

16:55 - Another window opens and the pressure on the turnstile is reduced. Fewer people wait outside and passage is swift.

- Up the sleeve at the upper car park area women with children have been waiting for 30 minutes for a vehicle that is under inspection.