'Awarta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 21.10.10, Afternoon

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Riva B., Yehudit L. (reports & photographs)

Natanya translating.


14.40 Za’tara checkpoint.  Manned by soldiers. Checking random.

Sometimes there is pressure from Nablus and then it lets up-.

There is always pressure from the cars arriving from Ramallah.

Around the fence of the checkpoint, a permanent fixture, are banners concerning  different events of the settles. Next to the shed of the guard in the middle of the circle  is a banner in honour of Kahana’s birthday.

15.00 Huwwara checkpoint.

A soldier mans the sentry post in the middle of the circle. Next to the circle is an accident between an Israeli and Palestinian car. Only the cars were damaged. A man from the DCO is photographing and taking down details. The entire time soldiers were present at the area of the incident. We were told that in such a case the police did not come.

When we arrived we were not allowed to park in the parking area. We were forbidden to photograph and were told that we had to wait in the car for permission.  We again argued about our right to stand where we were. At the checkpoint which is manned there is always a random check of cars coming from the south in both directions but pressure does not build up.

15.25 Checkpoint of Awarta.

We saw cars going in from Awarta to Nablus but we saw nothing at all coming out from Nablus. (Also when we came back from Beit Furik).,

15.37 Beit Furik. Cars passed without being checked.

The village of Huwwara.  In one of the parking lots  ( before that which is opposite Beita where we sometimes see an army command car) we now see one.

16.50 Checkpoint of Za’tara.

A line of 17 cars in the direction of Ramallah. A Palestinian commercial vehicle is being checked. The driver opens the back doors…there is nothing inside. The soldier checks the empty panels. Another soldier returns the ID of the driver and his passenger.

Azzun Atma. 16.50

The workers coming back from work in the settlements stand in a line to be checked. They say it is so each day. They saw that the northern checkpoint is sometimes used mainly in the morning until about 7.00