'Awarta, Burin (Yitzhar), Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Fri 17.9.10, Morning

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Rachel A., Zvia S., Ricky S., Amira I. (reporting

Translation: Hanna K. 

It's the eve of Yom Kippour, the roads are relatively empty owing to the Yom Kippour closureinfo-icon.

We are invited by Munir Kadus from Burin who has organized for us four groups for the Sea Days, and has now invited us to visit his mother's home.

 The roads are relatively empty, military vehicles drive on the road, but we didn't observe any special preparations by the army.


09:30 Za'tara CP

"Nahal" soldiers are in charge of the CP. There are no delays. A police checks the papers of the Palestinian driver.


By chance or not, Munir Kadus has become the day's hero in the Haaretz newspaper article by Avi Isassharoff: "This is what will happen to a Palestinian who dares to complain against the settlers".

We brought M. the article and read it out to him and his family. All were proud of him.


On the terrace, between houmous plates, the pitas with Za'tar from the outdoor stove, the wonderful haloumi cheeses made by his mother, all from their sheep's milk, Munir told us about another day of calamity yesterday at Assira-Kabaliya. The settlers burned trees. Munir was busy collecting testimonials for "Yesh Din" and "Btselem" yesterday.

From a conversation we held with the members of the family it transpired that in spite of the fact that part of the locals know Hebrew, they don't know reading and writing, and so we had the idea that this is another possible initiative – to teach an interested group Hebrew.

It is autumn in Burin and the air is suddenly different, the olive trees with their grey foliage are replete with olives this year.

In two weeks the olive picking which last for a month and a half begins, and we were invited to participate in the olive harvest of the family at Burin, a place perpetually prey to the violence of the settlers of Yitzhar, Bracha and its outposts, which overlook Burin from all the mountain ranges which encircle it…


The "Nahal" soldiers wonder who we are, 4 women who walk about the CP on the even of Yom Kippour. A car with a yellow number plate is detained. The driver has no authorization, permit etc. The cars passengers are detained for an hour and a half for enquiries. "The car may be stolen" say the soldiers. "we stop any Israeli vehicle for checking at the entrance to Nablus, for fear of the settlers lest they harass the Palestinians.

Awarta CP

It is closed and locked with an iron gate. This is the truck CP, and today nobody comes and goes.

There are no soldiers present, but from the tower a soldier peeks and observes us.


At the "piazza" of the Huwwara CP, on the way back, we observe signposts:

The continuation of the freezing

Means the beginning of the uprooting

Ivette, don't be Bibi

Signed: the Benjamin residents' council –

                The united staff


So, may you be inscribed in the book of life Bibi and Abas and our two peoples, this is a good time for self-examination and amendment