'Anin, Shaked, Mon 18.10.10, Afternoon

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Hana H., Yocheved G. and Yael - a guest

15:30 A'aneen checkpoint

A Palestinian on a donkey loaded with olives, on his way up the hill, tells us that  because of the olive picking season more passage permits were issued, mostly for women. Men who are capable of picking olives from higher branches were banned from going out. Why?

Why are  permits given to those who have no olives to pick and others are denied?

Those who complain are people who own olive groves down the hill. They are not permitted to care for the land all year around and now it is difficult to get there,  because of the weeds, farmers are worried about summer fires as well.

A few women riding donkeys return from olive picking, dressed in pants under a  long sleeves dresses in an attempt to protect themselves from the thorns. Once again they ask why can't they get to their lands all year around and keep the groves clean. 

E. tells us that in Aaneen the olives are the best. 

16:00 - Rihan checkpoint

 We went down to the Palestinian car park . There are many vehicles waiting for people returning from work; they come back in groups. On the way out there is a "Taxi usher" who yells:"Jenin Jenin...". Traffic streams along at the upper and lower section of the checkpoint.

At the post of vehicles that are going to the West Bank, two cars await inspection. They are not allowed inside despite the fact that the post is vacant. Apparently inspectors wait for four cars before they'll let them inside. 20 minutes later they are let inside.