Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Holding and trading of combat materiel, Remand Extension

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Roni Hammermann, Ilana Hammermann (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.

Russian Compound

Judge: Lieutenant-Colonel Dov Gilboa

Investigator: Itzik Yacoboff

During the hour and half that we spent in the courtroom, until about 12:30 [when we were informed that from that moment on the remand extensions proceedings would be conducted "in camerainfo-icon"] most of the procedures were conducted "on a conveyor belt." The judge recited the usual text about "agreement" [between the police and the attorney] about remand extension of 11 days. In certain cases, where the police requested 22 days, the extension was set for "only" 15 days. In all the cases, the judge was convinced that a reasonable suspicion existed etc., and time was needed to complete the investigation etc. etc.

Most detaineesinfo-icon that day were barred from meeting their attorneys "until midnight". Thus, part of the expedited procedure was conducted with the attorney present and the detainee absent [waiting outside, handcuffed and blindfolded] and part with the detainee present and the attorney absent.

The detainees are suspected of "membership in a hostile organizations/movement" etc. and with "holding/trading/using combat material" as well as posing "danger to regional security," etc.

The investigator claimed that the accused admitted some of the charges and denied others. He reiterated that he was "prohibited from giving details," in other words, the usual routine: another chapter in a never-ending story.

We were able to catch only a few of the detainees' names. Here they are for further observation and follow up:

Jihad Hani Div Shami,  ID no. 900779224; Zakaria Rabhi Oda Yakub, ID no. 944811207. Both were represented by Attorney Ma'amun Hashim, who was present in court. They were remanded for 15 days, until 25.2. 08.

Two other detainees, Mustafa Yusuf and Haled Gardat - remand extension for 11 days.

Another detainee - we only have partial name:  - was remanded for another 15 days. He was not represented by an attorney, and did not know the reason for it. Nor did he know the charge [the investigator said that he was detained on two charges...]

Sometime during the "in camera" session, a young boy, looking about 15, was brought alone into the courtroom. He was transported from Ashkelon Prison. He lives in Hebron and is barred from seeing an attorney.