'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 6.12.10, Morning

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Tzafrira Z., Neta G., (Reporting)

    Translation: Bracha B.A.
13:50 Shaked – Tura Checkpoint
A bridegroom from the seamline zone is not a suitable match. 

There is little traffic, particularly returning to the seamline zone.  People are interested in what is happening with the fire on Mount Carmel.  A 26-year old resident of Dahar Al Malak, an English teacher in Nazlat Zeid in the West Bank and a Master's Degree student in translation, tells about the difficulties of life in the seamline zone.  There is no electricity in his village and he continues by telling us about more personal matters.  He is having difficulty finding a wife because parents in the West Bank are not interested in a bridegroom from the seamline zone because they won't be able to visit their daughter or future grandchildren when they wish.  He continues by saying that five residents of Dahar al Malak who went to live in Tura in the West Bank for one reason or another. He has friends from work and from university who live in Nablus or Ramallah but he can't invite them to visit despite the fact that he has been a guest at their homes numerous times.  His brother underwent surgery to remove a malignant growth in his leg and was taken to the Shaked – Tura checkpoint on October 5th in a Palestinian ambulance.  After a lengthy delay he was finally taken to .Dar Al Malak accompanied by two army "hummers" behind and in front.  When he finished his studies he hopes to go to Saudi Arabia to work as a translator.   

A few students are returning to Dahar Al Malak and the lone house.  Will they overcome the reality like the 26-year-old student?

14:50 A'anin Checkpoint
The olive harvest is over at A'anin checkpoint and at the Tibeh Romeida checkpoint.  About 20 people and three tractors are waiting for the gatesinfo-icon to open.  They complain that yesterday the gates were not opened and this morning they only opened the gate at 06:00.  They thought the olive harvest would continue until December 20th or 22nd.   One person complained that he was not allowed to harvest the trees that lie between the two fences.  Here, too, people are wondering about the fire.   They are thankful for the rain that fell this morning thanks to the prayers of the Muslims and the Jews.  We did not succeed in clarifying when the olive harvest ended with the Liaison and Coordination Administration, but the next morning we were told that it was already over and that the checkpoint was now open "as usual."

 15:05 – The soldiers arrive late and open the checkpoint and crossing takes place as usual.
Another tractor arrives at 15:25 and we left.

15:35 – Reihan Barta'a Checkpoint, Seamline Zone Side
We descended the sleeveinfo-icon to the entrance to the terminal with the seamstresses from East Barta'a, who look as attractive at the end of the work day as they did at the beginning. A few people are entering the seamline zone.  One tells us that he was detained for a half hour because he answered a phone call.  Four cars are waiting to be checked going in the direction of the seamline zone, including one from the Red Cross.   Meanwhile cars in the lane reserved for Israelis whiz by unhindered.   

15:50 The vehicle from the Red Cross is moved up in line.  It is the sixth night of Hanukah and the candles are lit in the menorah at the checkpoint.  
16:00 – Workers are returning from work but there is still no waiting line.  One of the workers says it is because we are there. 

16:15 – There is already a waiting line forming and a phone call to Sharon, the checkpoint manager, helps and another window is opened.  Why do they have to wait for our phone call?   A family going towards the seamline zone takes time at one window and there is a line forming once again. 

At 16:30 there is one detainee waiting on the bench and we leave, remembering to marvel at the cyclamens planted at the checkpoint.