'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Tue 7.12.10, Morning

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Leah R., Ana N"S (reporting)

North, 7.12.10 am

translated by Yael S.

06:20 - Agriculture checkpoint  A'anin

Upon our arrival we discovered, to our surprise, that the olive picking season was over two days ago. We thought it was supposed to go on until 22.12.10. Also, we were told that on Sunday people arrived at the checkpoint as usual and found it was closed and were told that the season was over.

With all the above , school is off today due to the Muslim new year.\

06:35 - Tura-Shaked checkpoint

 Here the olive picking is still on and workers are equipped with saws and other agriculture tools . This would continue to the end of the week. People who go through are not aware that the olive picking season is about to end. we update people regarding that based on information received from Mahadi at the Salem DCO.

Commotion is as usual and there is no change in handling things.

Men come out of the inspection cabin holding their belts in their hands, inspection tough is quick as we observed from people going in and coming out.

07:00 - The new Barta'a (Rihan) checkpoint
Pickup trucks loaded with food wait to be called for inspection.
Workers cross over.
The Holy Day is not noticeable and if it wasn't for the schools' vacation we wouldn't have known about it.

07:30 - We left.