Ashqelon - Holding and trading of combat materiel, Remand Extension

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Chana Raanan, Aliza Raz

Translation: L.W. 

Today we met in the courtroom Advocate Fahmi Awiwi who sat through all the hearings and spoke with all the detaineesinfo-icon.


Hussam Ahmad Alor

Young man, well groomed, married.


The investigator requests remand extension by 11 days.  The man is suspected of carrying a weapon and activity in a hostile organisation. The detainee argues that he has been in detention 19 days, and was only interrogated for one hour on Thursday.

Decision: 7 days.


Samir Said

He is the brother of the suicide bomber from the terror attack in Dimona. He was arrested on the day of the attack, 4.2.08. He is 21 years old and works in a factory that manufactures handbags for women.

Requested extension: 15 days.


The defense attorney asks what the detainee is accused of, and the interrogator (Moshe Levi) replies that he cannot give details. In any event, he is suspected of involvement in murder.

The detainee argues that his brother did indeed perpetrate the strike, but that he has no connection with it. He saw his brother the day before, and lived with him in the same house.

All this he told in response to the judge’s questions.

Decision: 11 days for investigation following secret information that arrived two days ago.


Nadi Masai

Appears in court in civilian clothes.


Arrested 5.2.08, a day after the Dimona attack. He works together with the second suicide bomber.

Claims that they are colleagues at work, and not more than that.

He is suspected of being involved in the attack and gave a statement the content of which is still classified.

Everything is secret. The investigation is at its peak, and the judge shortens the request from 15 to 11 days.




1.         Is it a fixed game? In the occupation administration there is no alternative but to harrass the Palestinians for the benefit of the life of Israelis, so everyone behaves accordingly: the meticulous investigator, the judge who always removes a few days for the benefit of the protocols, and the Shabak (GSS) that apparently arrests everyone who was in the neighborhood of an attack.


2.         I want to mention that the judge, familiar from previous hearings, relates to every detainee, asks, then listens to the answers, but he did not want to tell me his name.


3.         Since we do not receive a list of names of detainees, those appearing above are not necessarily accurate. We barely manage to hear the details of each, which usually consist of four names.