Petah Tikva - Remand Extension, Barred (from meeting with attorney)

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Ada Heilbronn, Hanna Aviram (reporting)

Translation: L.W.

Judge:   Major Shimon Ashuel

Investigator: Hashem Halabi

Attorneys: Advc. Aabed, Advc. Mahajne

Stenographer: Corporal Dror Mandela

Hearings began at 10:02 and lasted until 11:53.

Until 11:40, the attorneys fought like lions in demanding answers from the investigator about prohibition of meetings with detaineesinfo-icon (those among them who are "prohibited"), demanding to know what was happening in the investigation, and if certain actions were being carried out within that frame. Of course they met with the usual response of "it is in the secret report" or "I cannot answer."

Suddenly, from 11:40 on, there was agreement from the attorneys as to the remand extensions requested by the prosecution.

"Just so it will be short today," was the message in the air of the courtroom.

The translation was partial, and there were occasional lapses, either because the interpreter did not see fit to translate, or because he was not in the courtroom.

However, with the exception of one case, the detainees were asked by the judge to identify themselves in full (something that I have never seen before in this courtroom) as the legal process demands it.

1. Assam Muhamad Halmi Hanau, ID 901564641, from El Darej, prohibited from meeting a lawyer, represented by Advc. Mahajne.

Arrested 31.1.08, prohibition order issued on 3.2.08.

Defense attorney objects to remand extension.

Decision: extension 15 days, as requested by prosecution. Will be brought before a judge

on 20.2.08.

Hearing lasted from 10:02 - 10:12.

2. Adham Ibrahim Halil Harubi, ID 800786220, El Darj, prohibited,

represented by Advc. Mahajne.

Arrested on 31.1.08, prohibited since 3.2.08.

Before the attorney says his piece, the judge informs him with a smile that the detainee has agreed to an extension of 15 days.

The judge emphasizes in his decision to extend remand by 15 days, by agreement of the detainee.

The attorney protests and asks what is the point of his appearance in court.

Hearing lasted from 10:17 - 10:21.

3. Jamal Radad Mustafa Radad, ID 936540582, from Seida, prohibited,

represented by Advc. Mahajne.

Arrested on 16.1.08, interrogated for the first time at Salem on 20.1.08,

transferred to Petach Tikva on 29.1.08.

Prohibited since 6.2.08.

The attorney asks why such a long time elapsed from arrest to first interrogation. Objects to 15 days remand extension.

Decision: remand extension by eight days. Detainee will be brought to court on 13.2.08.

Hearing lasted from 10:21 - 10:34.

4. Ahmad Saker Ibrahim Salim, ID 921709960, Azzun, represented by Advc. Mahajne.

Arrested  on 22.1.08, the first remand extension was at Salem on 29.1.08 for 9 days.

Interrogation began on 30.1.08. This is his second prohibition: the first expired on 30.1.08. The second prohibition order issued on 6.2.08.

The attorney emphasizes the ruling and procedure by which a detainee is interrogated close to arrest, and that the burden of work of the investigators cannot be a consideration in prolongation of any period of remand. Objects to extension of 15 days, and requests that 8 be sufficient.

Decision: 8 days, until 13.2.08.

Hearing lasted from 10:35 - 10:46.

5. Rami Hassan Muhamad Akra, ID 911630788, Nablus, represented by Advc. Aabed.

Arrested 16.1.08, this is his second remand extension.

Handcuffs only removed in the courtroom.

Attorney objects to extension of 15 days.

Decision: extension by 15 days.

Hearing lasted from 10:48 - 11:01.

6. Amru Mussa Ahmad Tufachah, ID 937711901, Nablus, represented by Advc. Aabed.

Arrested 15.1.08, first minutes from 28.1.08.

In solitary confinement more than 10 days, without further interrogation.

The judge communicates directly with the detainee. For example, he explains that they are requesting an extension of 22 days. Advc. Aabed requests that the detainee should not respond. The judge nevertheless asks him whether he understands the request. The detainee says he does not. The judge says to Aabed that explanation must be given to detainees about their right to know.

Advc. Aabed responds that he meets with the detainees whom he represents, and they do know why they are in court, in other words they know what the procedure is.

The attorney requests to reduce the extension request from 15 days to 8.

Decision: extension 15 days.

The hearing lasted from 11:02 - 11:13.

7. Alaa Belal Munid Hamuda, ID 94611697, Nablus, prohibited.

Arrested on 7.1.08, prohibition until midnight tonight. Was represented until now by Advc. Mahajne. Now it's Advc. Aabed.

The investigator requests extension of 8 days.

Decision: remand extension of 8 days.

The fact that the prohibition is until midnight today becomes clear during the hearing, and the judge smirks as he says that as from 24:00 it will be permissible to talk with the detainee. Mahajne retorts that in the past it was possible to meet detainees at night, but they no longer permit this.

Hearing lasted from 11:13 - 11:26.

8. Rami Abdelkarim Muhamad Anavtawi, ID 85059485, Nablus,

represented by Advc. Aabed.

Arrested on 24.1.08.

There is agreement of the defense attorney to an extension of 16 days.

Judge: if agreed, then you have agreed...

Decision: 16 days.

Hearing lasted from 11:26 - 11:30.

9. Hassan Abbas Jaber Diyukat, ID 946483914, refugee camp Balata,

represented by Advc. Aabed.

Arrested 22.1.08.

Request: remand extension of 16 days. The attorney agrees.

Decision: extension 16 days.

Hearing lasted from 11:31 - 11:33.

10. Muhamad Jamil Muhamad Hawiti, ID 850734237, Balata Refugee Camp,

represented by Advc. Mahajne.

Arrested 18.1.08.

The investigator requests a remand extension of 16 days. The attorney objects. The judge comments that this is a matter of transfer to the investigator, and asks Advc. Mahajne whether he disagrees with his colleague. The attorney responds that everyone has his own considerations, and contends that there should not be extension beyond ten days. According to him, the last time the detainee was interrogated was on 31.1.08.

Decision: extension of remand by 16 days.

Hearing lasted from 11:36 - 11:39.

This is where the "assembly line" began...

11. Abdullah Ali Mustafa Abu Hagle, ID 963057047, Nablus, represented by Advc. Aabed.

Arrested 7.1.08.

Requested; remand extension of 16 days. There is agreement. Decision accordingly.

Hearing lasted from 11:41 - 11:42.

12. Raid Adel Wadia Ratrut, ID 909856387, Nablus, represented by Advc. Mahajne.

Arrested 3.1.08.

Requested: remand extension of 16 days, agreement of the defense; the decision was not voiced.

Hearing lasted from 11:44 - 11:48.

13. Halil Abdullah Halil Tayun, ID 906461763, Haja.

Arrested 20.12.07.

Requested: remand extension of 16 days. There is agreement.

Decision: remand extension of 16 days.

Hearing lasted from 11:48 - 11:51.

14. Abdullah Rashid Shakirat, ID 85064603, Nablus.

Arrested 7.1.08.

Requested: remand extension of 16 days. There is agreement. The judge reads his decision: remand extension of 16 days, till 22.2.08, in order to end the investigation and prepare an indictment for transfer to the military prosecution.

Hearing lasted from 11:51 - 11:53.