Jaba (Lil), Qalandiya, Sun 26.12.10, Afternoon

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Nurit Yarden and Tamar Fleishman (reporting)

Translated:Ruth Fleishman.

"Tens of activists demonstrated at Qalandiya checkpoint against the construction of the wall, six had been detained" a laconic new flash taken from Haaretz.

On the following day this article was published:


While we were our way we noticed many military vehicles driving on the lane opposite to us- heading back from Qalandiya.

On our arrival the gate to the new ward was closed and some men guarded by a security man from "Modi'in Ezrachi", were repairing the damages caused when the demonstrators shook the fence (seen in the photo).



We were told that a large demonstration had taken place in front of the checkpoint just before noon. There were Palestinian and international activists, all of them wore yellow t-shirts that said: Freedom. In return, the checkpoint and the gatesinfo-icon leading to it were closed. Soldiers appeared from all sides and surrounded the demonstrators who fought back. Some of the demonstrators fell down, some were hurt, a Palestinian medical crew was sent for and treated the injured. Nine demonstrators were arrested and taken to the checkpoint. News crews from Al-Jazira and El-Manar covered this event.

In view of the reports in the Israeli media, it would be best to read the item in the following link:


And see at the attackers, their victims and the threat that these people pose to the country, presented in the pictures on this link:


(Both links had been provided by Vivi Zuri)

Here is a link to a video of demonstration on Sunday:


The road to the DCO:

We joined a group of about twenty people who were waiting with enraged patience in front of the closed gates.

A professor from Abu-Dis University who is a lecture on public health, stated his opinion: "The people here are the ones obeying the rules of occupation, they are the submissive part of the people. You won't find the terrorists in this line. It would have been appropriate if at least here, they would treat human beings as if they were human beings, with a little respect".   

After waiting with them for half an hour, knowing that the official closing time was approaching, we started making calls to see if one of the soldiers hidden inside would agree to open the gate. Once we managed that, we too crossed the four turnstiles on the 20 meter path to the DCO, were we saw a sign saying: "If at times you forced to wait, it's because the person before you is getting all the attention he deserves. When you turn arrives we will be honored to give you the same treatment". (photo taken by Nurit)

The six people who arrived just a couple of minutes after us weren't lucky. The soldier in the post refused to let them pass and claimed: "The DCO is closed. Everyone go home!"- It was 15:45 and all the DCO personnel were still in their posts.

We were shamed, and not proud, of the help we were able to offer as Jewish and Israeli women who got the DCO to answer the phone and co-operate (shameful), while ignoring its target audience, the people they were supposed to treat and their problems.

-A police vehicle was parked on the Israeli side of the checkpoint, seven illegal work immigrants came out- two women and five men who were caught at Ramot without work permits.

At least they didn't lose their days earnings.

Jaba checkpoint:

An officer who was a first lieutenant and the checkpoint commander, hurried towards us and said that after the encounter we had with the soldiers a couple of weeks ago, (documented in this report: http://machsomwatch.org/reports/checkpoints/28/11/2010/afternoon/16624), inquiries were made regarding are rights and all the soldiers in the unit were informed that they couldn't prevent us from taking their photo or that of the checkpoint. Anyone who doesn't want their picture taken should just cover their faces.