Tayasir, Wed 29.12.10, Afternoon

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Revital S., Rachel H. (Reporting, photographs)

Translation: Bracha B.A.

15:55- 19:00

Bezek Checkpoint 15:15

We drove through.

16:40 – Idais – near the settlement of Mesuah

We went in, intending to bring clothing and to see families whose homes had been demolished a few weeks ago.  We met three young men, and after realizing that we had good intentions, they were happy to receive the clothing. We learned that these people are not Bedouins, but come from South Mount Hebron and we also met them near the settlement of Bik'ot as well as at Furush Beit Dajan. We understood that there were French people who were helping them.  They purchase water from Mekorot (the Israeli water company).  They had water cisterns that were destroyed. 

Hamra Checkpoint, 17:05

It is almost dark but the entire check point is lit up and two sergeants ask us to leave and not disturb their work.  The checkpoint did not stop operating.  Cars that were waiting turned off their lights and waited.  Two women soldiers and four men are working in this cold place, their backs to the road. Most of the traffic is going west and the traffic going east is mostly agricultural vehicles. Three pedestrians crossed westward without anyone stopping them.  Perhaps they were not even noticed.  Along the fence that surrounds the area east of the inspection point we noticed pieces of steel netting, but we didn't see the old turnstiles that had been abandoned there before.  The shed where the water equipment and dog handlers' equipment is closed on the south side with a plastic wall, and used concertina wire was stacked on the other side of the concrete platform.  We left at 17:45.

Aside from the army camp the road to Alon and Tayasir is completely dark as if there were no one about. Next to the army camp near the Tayasir Checkpoint we saw campfires of the soldiers who would spend the night outdoors. 

18:10 – Tayasir Check point

We were greeted with apathy.  White tenders, possibly commanders' cars, are going back and forth but besides that there was little traffic.  A bus (not an Egged bus) enters.  The entire place smells bad, including the toilets.  We left at 18:40.

The shift ended at Bezek Checkpoint at 19:00.