Beit Ummar, Etzion DCL, Nabi Yunis, Mon 22.11.10, Morning

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Haya A., Ada G.(reporting)

07:45 am, Etzion DCL: some 40 people, most of them waiting for the renewal of their magnetic card. Complaints were that often applicants had to return twice or even three times as they are often not attended on the same day. Monday is the Bethlehem area's day and the size of the population actually requires more than one day.

One person waited hours for the renewal of his palm-prints. He was at the Bethlehem (300) CP on his way to work, and was sent to the DCO.  Someone had set new regulations: everyone had to wait on line, even for the mere renewal of palm-prints. The poor man would of course miss a workday and endanger his workplace. Our pleas were to no avail. Luckily, we are grateful to Hanna, who was more successful and within a quarter of an hour matters were fixed. As usual, we tried to find out whether there was a police representative at the DCO. No, he would arrive at 11:00… and then?

08:30 am Beit Ummar: people were applying to us with a variety of requests.

09:15 am, Nabi Yunis: the usual round of requests, filling in forms of power-of-attorneys, police matters, etc. Our mobile office operated for about an hour.