Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Mon 17.1.11, Morning

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Aniya (new volunteer to MW, from Jerusalem), Netaniya and Hagit (reporting)

Translator:  Charles K.

Sansana-Meytar crossing

At 6:30 AM all the laborers are already on the Israeli side.  On our way back we see one bus with relatives of prisoners in the parking lot.

Route 317 – Route 356

The occupation is drowsing – almost no vehicles on the road. The Asa’el outpost has grown noticeably and the almond trees aren’t blossoming. Tu B’shvat is at the end of the week, and JNF staff are busy demolishing Al Araqib…At the grocery near the turnoff to Yata they say everything’s ok. The checkpoint at Bani Na’im, near the turn to B’nai Hever, is open, and the soldiers have come down from the pillbox – but there are no cars or people to check.


At Curve 160 the soldiers open the gate for the two disabled girls in wheelchairs on their way to school.

At the Pharmacy checkpoint a youth is sent to get his ID. The children cross without problems.

There’s a new janitor at the boys schools – we introduce ourselves.

A bearded settler at the Cave of the Patriarchs asks us to open the window and tells us: Soon we’ll find out how the funds from Ahmadinajad get here.

A Giv’ati patrol passes up at Tel Rumeida.

The soldier at the Giv’at HaAvot checkpoint opens the gate for a Palestinian ambulance.

And the whole way, a young woman walks home to Giv’at HaHarsina holding her babyinfo-icon – it’s impossible to push a stroller on these uneven paths, and Palestinian cars aren’t allowed to drive anywhere in H2.

Soldiers are cleaning outside Beit HaMeriva. The gray gate is still closed, but the checkpoint isn’t manned.  Everything’s as usual in the Avraham Avinu neighborhood – the walls around the Shaharbati home are now covered with a climbing plant. Osama’s home on the worshippers’ route is still being renovated. A huge Hanukkah menorah has been set up next to the pillbox in the middle of the Abu Snan neighborhood, visible from everywhere – the annoying occupation!!!

It’s very sad to see this whole area again each time, but there are no detaineesinfo-icon at any of the checkpoints.

Route 60

 Soldiers and jeeps at the entrance to Bani Na’im. Everything else is open and traffic flows.