Mevo Dotan (Imriha), Reihan, Shaked, Sun 16.1.11, Afternoon

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Yochie A., Rutie T. (reporting)

Translated by Yael S.
14:55 - 16:50

14:55 Shaked-Tura checkpoint
The gate is open but no one goes through at this time.
A polite soldier turns to us asking if we need anything.

15:30 - Mevoh Dotan checkpoint
The checkpoint is manned. Passage of vehicles is practically with no delays. The soldier  peeps through the car's window and instructs  drivers to proceed.

15:50 - Reihan-Barta'a checkpoint
The lower car park area is filled with vehicles of merchants from Barta'a and with cars   awaiting workers on their way home after work.
Up by the carousel about 40 people crowed under the roof rack. pouring rain. We try to find out if the work day is as usual despite the rain. "we didn't work" replies one of the men, "We had to work in Hadera, but because of  the rain we had returned to Barta'a and now we're here, at the checkpoint, back to your own abuse. We have to wait for an hour before we can cross over. Ya'allah do something. exactly so when it rains they don't open another window. What is this checkpoint for? This is ours and that is ours, Why is this checkpoint in the middle?". We've shown him our tag proving that we agree.

At 16:10  it looks as if  a second window is about to open, but in the end it did not.
Seven illegal aliens sit on the bench.
The Carousel usually opens for 5 people at a time but at times as many as 12 enter. One of the workers manages to squeeze inside after the carousel stops. "Get back" , a rebuking voice is heard from above
. He returns in the second carousel and curses "This is a son of a bitch, that one".

At 16:45 the five illegal aliens are asked inside. For who ever wonder of their fate: From a past conversation with one of them at the lower car park area, we found out that following an administrative  delay-clarification they are let go. If they are captured inside the borders of Israel by the Border control forces - they are brought to the checkpoint, not before they are bitten.

At 16:50 29 people are let in, perhaps due to the heavy rain.