Ashqelon - Remand Extension, Conditions of Detention

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Niva S., Yael A. (reporting)

Translation: L.W.

Judge: Major Yair Lahan

7 detaineesinfo-icon, among them 6 prohibited (from seeing a lawyer) - we could hear one.

Innovation, innovation. A detainee arrived from another installation, and so he entered the court without blindfold.

Name Abed el Rais El-Samuch. The hearing of his case lasted five minutes - from 10:50 to 10:55.

No lawyers were present in any hearing, nor were they in the vicinity. 2 prohibited detainees were brought in at 10:56 until 11:02, and from 11:03 until 11:10.

Names - Qawsama and Samar.

The detainee who was not prohibited was Ibrahim Mashraka.

Requested remand extension: 11 days. Decision: seven days. The hearing began at 11:13 and ended at 11:17.

The investigator asked for an extension of remand for 11 days, during which the investigation will be concluded, and the file will be transferred to the military prosecution for a decision on whether he is to stand trial.

Charges: membership of a hostile organization, and illegal activity.

The detainee requested to shorten the period since the detention cell was a hardship.

Decision: "After reading the file, I learned that there is apparent evidence and more to the effect that the suspect indeed did what is attributed to him, and therefore with due heed to the fact that the suspect is not represented by a lawyer, I order a remand extension of seven days until 17.2.08. By that date the appellant must decide whether to submit an indictment, and if not then he is to be released, all at the judgement of the appellant.

"I hereby order that the suspect is to be brought to the detention centre doctor.