Petah Tikva - Remand Extension, Women

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Ada Heilbronn (reporting)

Translation: Jonathan M.

Judge: Major Itai Regev,

Defense Counsel: Attorney Nizar Mahajna and Attorney Muhammad Aabed,

Hearings are supposed to start at 09:30, but started on at 09:50. The judge was in the courtroom on time. Attorney Mahajna arrived at 10:00 and attorney Aabed arrived at 10:10.

Aaron, the volunteer policeman, had arrived early and made the people present sign up.

At the end of the room were two armed military policemen, who looked bored and dozed off every now and then.

There are 12 detaineesinfo-icon, 3 of which barred from meeting with a lawyer.

At 09:50 the barred detainees are brought in one by one, without counsel.

The first barred detainee is a woman. She seems frightened. She is accompanied by a policewoman, but it is the prison guard who removes her handcuffs, and it seems as if he is the one in charge.

The third barred prisoner has a long scar running from his ear to his mouth. I couldn't tell if it was a fresh scar from where I was standing.

There have been complaints of Palestinian incriminators held in other detention centers, who threaten suspects with razor blades. They tell them that they would kill them if they didn't confess.

Just before 10:30, four members of different civil rights organizations arrived in order to attend the trial of Dr. Jassan Sharif Haled. The trials of the 11 detainees went on until 11:05. The trial of Dr. Jassan started at 11:20 and continued until 12:32.

1. Barred: Tisbah Azat Omar Hiyat, ID 850440256, arrested on 17.2.08, barred for 3 days and remand in custody for 8 days. (Attorney Aabed).

2. Barred: Shadi Samir Masbach Sharef, ID 903918027, Nablus, arrested on 13.2.08, barred for 3 days and remand in custody for 15 days. He has problems with his tonsils, pains in his chest and a bad cough. Decision: remand in custody for 15 days and an immediate referral to a doctor (Attorney Aabed).

  • 3. Barred: Daud Hamdalla Malitat, ID 948518840, arrested on 6.2.08, barred for 4 days and remand in custody for 8 days. (Attorney Mahajna).

4. Salam Muhamad Sami Samudi, ID 850497215,Yamun. Complains of pains and says that a doctor who gave him medicine helped reduce the pain a bit.

   Remand in custody for 8 days. (Attorney Mahajna).

5. Assam Mahmud Halami Hanawwi, ID 901564641, Nablus. The sides agree to a remand in custody of 16 days. (Attorney Aabed).

6. Sif Aazam Maflah Hannani, ID 850288978, Beit Dajan, arrested on 31.1.08.

  The sides agree to a remand in custody of 16 days. When he was first arrested he was threatened by planted agents in his Kishon prison cell, that they would kill him with razor blades if he did not confess. When he reported this to the investigators, they laughed and told him that nobody would believe him, and that he was bound by his confession. It is possible that his complaints will be heard in front of the court.

Decision: Remand in custody for 16 days (Attorney Aabed).

7. Ibrahim Said Salam, ID 94611046, Actaba, Arrested: 15.1.08. Was held at

   the Ber-Sheba prison. The planted agents threatened that they would kill him with razor blades. He was chained to a stool and as a result suffers from neurological problems. He feels dizzy and suffers from shortness of breath.

Decision: Remand in custody for 16 days and an immediate referral to a doctor.

8. Muhammad Mahmud Afanna Abu Hanish, ID 850009275, Beit Dajan.

   Arrested: 31.8.08.

Decision: the sides agree on a 16 days remand in custody.

9. Ramez Mahmud Muhammad Shar'ab, ID 946112463, Nablus, Arrested on 6.2.08.

Decision: the sides agree on a 16 day remand in custody.

10. Adham Ibrahim Halil Harubi, ID 800786220, Aldaraj, Arrested: 31.1.08.

Remand in custody for 16 days (Attorney Mahajna)

11. Rafat Yusef Salim Awad, ID 853073187, Awarta, Nablus, Arrested on 8.2.08 (looks like a child - is 18.5 years old). In his decision the judge points out that the suspect was arrested as a result of a specific incident that occurred the day before. It's being checked if the suspect was linked to the incident.

Remand in custody for 8 days. (Attorney Aabed)

12. Dr. Ghassan Sharif Muhammad Haled, Nablus, ID 929191302, Arrested on 16.1.08. Attorney Aabed claims that the suspect was questioned by a special Israeli agency. He tries to inquire with the prosecutor about the four incriminating witnesses (whom he mentions by name). As usual, the prosecutor refers to the "Confidential Report".

The suspect requests and is granted permission to speak. He tells that an investigator named "Doron" told him that he and his attorney were lying when they claimed that he was made to sit on a low stool for 21 hours straight. The suspect asks to be checked by a polygraph in order to prove he is telling the truth.

The defense attorney presents the court with a list (including names and ID numbers, but with no signatures) of 20 Jewish-Israelis who are willing to house the suspect as long as necessary and vouch that he will abstain from meeting with other people, in order to prevent him form spending more time in detention. 

Decision: Remand in custody for 8 days.