Etzion DCL, Mon 6.12.10, Afternoon

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.Shlomit S., Ora A. (reporting)


Etzion DCL:  in the morning we learnt that around one hundred people had arrived at the DCO and were waiting in the hall.

At noon, when we entered, we saw to our surprise an officer standing and talking to the waiting audience, and distributing numbers. He gave primarily to the elderly and women and promised that everyone who received a number would be dealt with this day. After he left, there were complaints of young men who did not receive numbers. They contended that they should have got the numbers - not the elderly - because they as opposed to the elderly, when waiting a whole day in the DCO, were losing a day's work. If they did not get in today, they would have to come again next week, and perhaps the following week and would lose work days. Among those waiting we saw the youngster who did not enter last week even though he had a number, because he did not want to be crushed inbthe crowd. We hoped that this time he would enter.

At 13:55 a woman who had been waiting for a magnetic card since 09:30 came out. Following her no people waiting for cards came out. Only those requesting entry permits. At 14:55 two men came out with magnetic cards: one had come at 07:00, the other at 08:00. They said that 20 people were waiting inside. A few score more were waiting in the hall.

We phoned the Huanitarian Centre, reported the situation and asked to speed up the pace of work

They promised to deal with it. Another 5 came out. At 15:40 40 people were still waiting. Four people gave up and left. At 16:09 six people came out with magnetic cards in their hands, among them the youngster. From 16:20 card holders continued to come out, one after the other. As the officer promised, all were dealt with. The DCO did not close as usual at 17:00, but at 17:30.

Among the last to come out was a young man who said that his wife, in her eighth month of pregnancy with twins, was hospitalised in Jerusalem. The hospital had asked that he be given a permit to enter Jerusalem for five days, in order to be with her. Now, at 17:00, they had given him a permit for this day up to 12 midnight! In other words: a permit for only a few hours. Shlomit began to phone and was told that there had been a mistake: he should go back into the DCO and would be given a permit for a few days. But the DCO was already closed. After some effort and more phone calls, the man was allowed in and was given a three day permit, including today which was almost over. Why not five? He wasn't told.

He thanked Shlomit warmly...