'Azzun, Habla, Wed 19.1.11, Afternoon

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Tova H., Mika S., Sara F. (reporting)

Translator:  Charles K.

 15:10  We got on a neglected road and knew for certain that we’re in Palestine.

15:15 We reached the village of Brukin, near the Barkan industrial zone.  From there we drove to the village of A-Dik.  At the grocery store they reported a water shortage.  It didn’t surprise us.

16:00  Kafr Haris.  We visited the Da’ud family.  They told us they’re not allowed to come near the fence and get to their almond groves.  Every time they try, shots come from the nearby settlement.  The settlers also come down to the village from time to time and break windows.  The head of the family’s nephew said he’s suing the settlement of Barkan for damages because of a work accident.  The case is to be heard in court in Tel Aviv, but he doesn’t have a permit to enter Israel to attend.

17:00  An army jeep parked across from Azzun.


17:10  Habla agricultural gate:  It’s open.  Laborers go through.