Etzion DCL, Mon 27.12.10, Afternoon

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Shlomit S., Ora A. (reporting)


Etzion DCL, 14:10 PM:  again a full hall of people complaining that it is already an hour and a half that they are not taking people in. The soldiers apparently decided to take a 90 minute lunch break. They know that people have been waiting in the hall since morning, with no possibility of eating on the spot or in the neighborhood and that most are compelled to wait and starve till evening. But the soldiers and their commanders don't care. They also know that, because of the long break in receiving people, there will only be a short time till closing and, therefore, they will not manage to deal with everyone who is waiting. Many will be sent home and will have to come again next week, on Monday - the day allotted to them. If they come on another day, they will not be dealt with. They must come on the assigned day and again wait long hours. The soldiers and their commanders know this, but do not care.

We phoned the Humanitarian Centre and they tried to help. Five people were taken in and, at 14:30, a woman who had received a magnetic card did come out. At 14:35 a young man came out with a card and permit. At 14:50 another youngster had received a magnetic card. At 15:00 two had received cards. They had arrived at 9:00 am and only waited 6 (!) hours. Three more came out with cards. One said that he had been waiting since 09:30. At 15:35 we were told that only four men were waiting inside, nevertheless no more were admitted. We phoned the Centre and at 15:55 ten more were allowed in. Outside only 15 remained, but more people arrived. Four more came out with magnetic cards. At 16:20 a lucky one who came at 13:00 emerged. At 16:40 they announced closing time and sent all the remainder home. A young woman, furious at not succeeding to enter, approached us and spilled out all her anger.

A young man said that he had asked for an entry permit to visit his 80 year old uncle who was hospitalized in Jerusalem. They refused and said that only first degree relatives were entitled to visit. He explained that the uncle has no wife or children, but it did not help. Shlomit phoned the Humanitarian Centre and with their help he got a permit.