Jalama, Reihan, Thu 3.2.11, Afternoon

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Tsafrira Zץ, Netta G (reporting)

Translated by Yael S. 

14:45 - Jalama checkpoint

 A few workers come back at this time. They go through the terminal. We tried inquiring with the person in charge when do people go through the terminal and when they just walk through directly . The system is unclear to us. We were told that even inside the terminal there is no inspection of papers of workers who return to the West Bank.

At the vehicles' inspection area there is a long line of cars, among them some belonging to Israeli Arabs returning from the West bank.

Due to delays, because of the transporting fof sick people from Rambam Hospital in Haifa to the Jalama checkpoint, we couldn't get to the Anin checkpoint on the first half hour of its opening (15:0-15:30)

15:50 -Reihan-Barta'a checkpoint

The entrance to the terminal from the side of theSeam Line zone: We're  surprised to observe no one at the entrance.

Four illegal aliens sit on a bench inside waiting to sort out their affairs. A few minutes later workers begin arriving , some carrying sacks of citrus fruit.

One window is open and whenever someone needs to cross over to the other side, from the West Bank into the Seam zone, inspection is delayed.

A security officer tries to arrange things by allowing people in  five at a time.

A Major is on site; it is unclear what his role is.

16:10 There is a buildup of pressure among those returning from work. A dozen seamstresses  arrive from their plant in Barta'a. The security officer no longer keeps the order of five at a time, and another window opens.

Young, good looking, well groomed female students return from the West Bank. Their passage  delays the tired workers.

16:30All those waiting had gone through.

Two illegal aliens are still detained.

It is cold but we wait for the next waive of people returning from work.