Reihan, Shaked, Sat 5.2.11, Morning

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Noa L, Rachel H. (reporting)

07.20 Shaked CP

A woman soldier (Military police) and four male soldiers. The inspection of the cars is very pedantic. The driver of one of the Transits takes down a rug in order to get to the spare wheel. A manual screening instrument is brought over, and every corner of the car is inspected.

There is very little traffic.

8.05 -- we left.

08.15 Reihan CP

In the upper parking lot many vans are waiting. On the road at the entrance post a Subaru with all five doors open is waiting and it is being inspected inside and out and from the bottom with the help of a mirror. A man and a child are sitting in the playground that Arik Sharon has built and developed for their comfort.

A CP security person talks to someone over his shoulder while he searches us with his eyes. When they finished inspecting the Subaru they announced, 'we'll take it up for an x-ray.' Suspecting that our observing them was likely to do more damage, we left the place and went over to observe the inside of the terminal The traffic in the sleeveinfo-icon is thin. They say that inside it is crowded, that there is a very long queue at the entrance. Others say that today things are all right. Looking into the terminal we discover that only one window is in operation; and only one of the turnstiles is working. The corridor behind the active window is full and crowded. From time to time some people arrive and they ask to leave in the direction of the West Bank. Then the pressure increases. A telephone call to Sharon helped! Within a few minutes an additional window is opened and the corridors are emptied. When we left, the car that was taken to be x-rayed was gone. Maybe they took it for a CT. Who knows what they have found? About ten Transits were waiting  - for passengers?