Reihan, Shaked, Sun 27.2.11, Afternoon

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Rutie T., Yochie A. (reporting)

15:00 Shaked-Tura checkpoint 

 On going but rather scarce traffic on both directions of the checkpoint. People get out of the cars, walk the road leading to the inspection cabin and the driver returns to the car, which is inspected a few minutes later (not too thoroughly). He then picks up his passengers and proceed to his destination.

The driver of another car get out, also a young woman and an elderly woman, who is using a cane. Children remain inside the vehicle.

From the direction of the West Bank people arrive on foot and are picked up by passing vehicles in the direction of the Seam Line zone.

We talk with a bank mangaer, who is elegantly attired, and with drivers who drive through the checkpoint. One of them, whose truck we've seen waiting for a long period of time, tells us that he was not permitted to bring in three sacks of tobacco and was forced to return to Tura and leave the sacks with an acquaintance of his until he'll sort things out and receive the proper permits for transferring the goods. A waste of time and a hassle.

 Another driver arriving from the Seam Line zone leaves his car by the gate, undergoes inspection and later returns with a big motorized instrument that was brought from the West Bank.

Two detaineesinfo-icon sit by the watchtower and a soldier watches them.

One of the drivers told us that those fellows wanted to cross over to Daher-el -Malec (from the West Bank into the Seam Line zone) without proper papers.

People go through on bicycles and on foot, in a  sort of routine which they appear to have gotten used to and do not complain about.

We leave and hour and a quarter later.

16:25 Reihan-Barta'a checkpoint

 Workers get off Israeli vehicles and walk fast through the sleeveinfo-icon into the terminal and from there, home. The turnstile is open and whoever arrive just go through. It takes about three minutes from the entrance to the terminal to the exit on the other side of the sleeve (the Palestinian car park ). When a large group of people arrive at the same time, the turnstile closes after 10 people have passed and passage time is prolonged.

 4 detainees sit on the bench at the entrance to the terminal awaiting decision regarding their passage.

From the Seam Line zone side most of those coming are women, at times with a child, and they walk through the other turnstile. I've not seen a woman without a head cover.

We leave and return to the Tura-Shaked checkpoint to find out the fate of the detainees. While attempting to find out  a shepherd arrives, riding a  donkey with a decorated saddle. He is followed by a herd of 60 beautiful goats that line up in rows of three. A white goat walks at the end. The Shepherd gets off his donkey and the convoy goes through without being  stopped for inspection.

A routine of life under occupation...

I am new to MachsomWatch and am still amazed by the Palestinians'acceptance of the burden of occupation. They wait patiently. I haven't observed any resentment or impatience, many smile and greet us. They talk to each other,  laugh, wait la ong time for transportation, are forced to walk or travel long distances from their homes instead of crossing a road or a field, and this repeats day after day - the routine of the occupation.

I, if in their place would have "exploded" for all the injustices, big as well as small.