'Anabta, Huwwara, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Mon 21.2.11, Afternoon

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Sara F., Hagar Z., Tamar T., Leora H. (reporting), Nadim Translator: Charles K.



Our first stop was Hars junction.  We waited half an hour and Ahmad I. arrived.  He gave us the NIS 30 fee for access to the criminal complaint against him.


Mahmoud D. approached us, from Hars, age 20.  He told us he’d been injured working in Barkan and a lawyer from the company is handling the matter.  He wants to go to the NII offices but can’t get a permit.  He says he was accused of theft five years ago (“I was a kid”).  We waited for someone else who, it turned out, was awaiting us in Zeita.


We reached Zeita after going through Qira and met Muhammad H.  He signed a power of attorney for an Israeli lawyer and gave us NIS 2100 for the lawyer.  Sarah gave him a receipt.


We drove to Huwwara via Ein Abbous and met Iy’ad M.  He gave us NIS 30 to pay a fee to the police.


People cross freely through the Huwwara checkpoint.  There was a soldier in the observation tower.  It doesn’t like as if the checkpoint was removed.


A flying checkpoint at Jit junction.  A Hummer stopped a Palestinian for inspection.  We saw a military jeep on the hill above.  People went freely through the Anabta checkpoint.  There was a soldier in the observation tower.  We drove to the Irtach checkpoint via Shufi and the Te’anim checkpoint.  It was 4:30 PM.  Laborers were returning and traffic flowed without delays.