Visit at the villages of A Dik and Inabus 23.3.11 morning

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Dalia Furman, Dalia Golomb, Dvorka Oreg and Bruria Rosenwachs (reporting)

Translator: Hanna K.


The Village of A-Diq – Within the framework of our attempts to broaden and deepen the ties with the Palestinians in the West Bank, we arrived at the center for the enhancement of women in the village. After establishing the first ties we set with them that we would meet once every fortnight and that we should carry out different activities together, such as: we suggested that they should teach us Arabic and we shall teach them Hebrew or English, we also suggested that Dalia Furman who is a gymnastics teacher, should give physical activity lessons and should help them ameliorate posture and movement. They  were enthusiastic about the idea and today was the first meeting. We began by getting acquainted and then there was a short physical activity session. Both they and we were satisfied and we made a plan for the forthcoming meetings.

Inabus – We went to meet a man whose tractor had been taken from him by the army under the pretext that his permits weren't valid. When he appealed to get is back he was told that it had been taken to Tapuach. He asked for Dalia Golomb's help and today we planned to go together with him to Tapuach to investigate what was happening. To our regret the tractor's licence was with his lawyer so we couldn't take care of the matter. We hope the lawyer will succeed in releasing the tractor. If he isn't we shall try again the next time we are in the vicinity.