Reihan, Shaked, Wed 16.3.11, Morning

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Vivien S-B (taking photos) Nava Raveh (reporting)

Translated: Yael S.

Children's protest at Shaked-Tura checkpoint

07:45 Shaked-Tura checkpoint

Along the road before the checkpoint tens of children with two adults walked back and forth, all of them residents of the Seam Line zone. The children attend educational institutions at Tura, the near-by village, which is close to to Palestinian checkpoint on the Palestinian side. One of the adults told us that children are no longer allowed to cross over to their kidergartens and schools with the soldiers inspection and are now requested to go through the inspection cabin.

We were told that following the deadly terrorist attack at Itamar and the discovery of a suspecious object at this very checkpoint, children yestreday were requested to undergo inspection inside the cabin. Children lack the strength to open the heavy steel door, and in addition their schoolbags have metal buckles, and their clothes sometimes have metal decorations as well, which might trigger the alarm in the inspection booth. They'd be forced to undress and empty their bags and inspection might take forever, therefore the adults have decided against that move. One of the adults called the DCo asking that the children would continue to cross over as usual. THe DCO had refused. We too called and  our request has been denied. Our attempt to explain that the children were neither involved in the terror attack at Itamar nor did they have any connection to the suspicious object, fell on a deaf ear.

Both the DCO and the Palestinians had fortified themselves with their convictions.

The bottom line - The children did not cross over to Tura and wandered on the main highway by the checkpoint.

10:00-  Soldiers lock the gate for their usual break. The children remained on site.

10:15 We leave. The children by the checkpoint. Tomorrow residents plan to continue the children's protest.

We'll report.

10:30 - Reihan-Barta'a checkpoint

New signs at the checkpoint vicinity. Six trucks had entered the inspection area. Relatively a large number of people came out of East Barta'a in the direction of the West Bank.

One person had brought a cardboard full of eggs without an early coordination and was forced to take it back.

1:30- We left. There were no unusual problems