Agricultural gates, Habla, Jayous, Falamya and villages on the way to Funduk, Mon. AM, 21.2.11

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Nina S., Roni S. (reporting), Judith Green (Translator)

07:00 Hablah

The first group of five enters.  The turnstile at the entrance is still not operating.  Very few Palestinians wait to cross, perhaps because of the rain.  No arguments today about the line.  The soldiers go onto the bus of children and check it.  In 20 minutes, 20 Palestinians went through.

07:25  Eliyahu gate - no workers

07:40 Jayous

Also here, very few people, because of the rain.  2 Palestinians on donkies, one muddy tractor on which were 2 very wet youths.

We met the volunteers from the Ecumenical society and they said that only about 10 people have gone through, as compared to about 30 during a comparable time span on other days.  They told us that this is their last week in Jayous and they are very sorry to leave.  During the past week, residents called them twice in the evening because soldiers entered the village and they asked them to be present and report on what they had seen.  They felt that they had earned the trust of the residents.  We left before 08:00;  a lot of rain.

08:20  Agricultural crossing at Falamya.

A truck with empty cartons passes through the checkpoint, after several of the cartons are inspected by a soldier.  A Palestinian on a donkey goes through after inspection.

08:35  we leave.

Travel through the villages of Jamal, Zibad, Avosh and Hajah to Funduk and go onto highway 55 in the direction of Jit.  There are almost no people on the street and many shops are closed, other than the grocery stores and the vegetable stores.  It continues to rain.

At Funduk, at the green grocer, we were told that there was a flying checkpoint this morning at the exit from Funduk to highway 55 but, when we arrived, it was no longer there.  However, we saw a military "Hammer" watching from the side of the road.


On the hill next to Kedumim, opposite the abandoned house which used to be "Shvut Ami", we saw a settler who waved at us (not clear if in greeting or threat).  At the Jit junction there were police.

10:00  The checkpoint at Anabta is open.

We return home by way of the Teenim road which has been fixed.