Petah Tikva - Remand Extension, Health Problems

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Ada Heilbron (reporting)

Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

The hearings began at 09:45.

Judge: Major Itai Regev

Investigator: Sergeant-Major Aatef Awida

Attorneys: Jalal Abu Wassel and Raed Mahamid. They argue incessantly and loudly in Arabic. They leave the room, leaving the defendants without representation, and return again. It appears that they have no time for the defendants.

Two of the defendants are clients of Attorney Aabed who did not come, but he and the investigator agreed by phone on the number of days for remand extension.

The investigator has also collected the protocol and will give it to him when they meet.  When these two defendants were in the courtroom there was no attorney with them, and they looked lost facing the harsh system, indifferent to their fate. 

There are 11 defendants on trial today, one of whom is banned from meeting with an attorney. 

1. Banned detainee Samer Wadah Awada, ID 921602132 from Qabalan, Arrested on 20.11.08.

Request for remand extension: 8 Days

Barred from meeting with an attorney: 4 days from 23.11.08

Attorney: Raed Mahamid

Judge's decision: remand extension for 8 days.

2.Adham Mohammed Amin Lubada, ID 950798620 from Nablus,

arrested 18.11.08

Request for remand extension: 8 days. 

It appears as if the defendant has a problem in his upper back that looks like a hunch. I sent a note to the attorney with a question regarding the defendant's back problem. The investigator insisted on learning what the note said.  After it was read to him, he clarified the matter with the defendant.  What had appeared to be a back defect was the hood of the defendant's jacket that was tucked inside. 

Attorney Raed Mahamid

The judge's decision: remand extension for 8 days.

3.Anan Marwan Hamis Marai, ID 904657830 from Nablus, arrested on 2.11.08,

request for remand extension: 8 days.

(A very short policewoman brings the defendant in.  The defendant is very tall and extends his hands to her in compliance so that she can handcuff him when he leaves the courtroom.)

Attorney Abu Wassel: The defendant has been detained for more than 24 days.  He has medical problems because of a stomach injury as well as psychological problems, and has not received treatment.  The investigator says that there is a doctor in the prison 24 hours a day.  Abu Wassel asks if the suspect is accused of being in contact with the Popular Front [for the Liberation of Palestine].  The Investigator answers that he cannot give details regarding the accusations - only that he is involved in "forbidden activity that endangers security in the region." 

The suspect rises and speaks on his own behalf.  He has 5 children and has never done anything that would harm the State of Israel. He apologizes and thanks the judge and the investigator.

Judge's ruling: remand extension of 8 days. The defendant is to receive proper medical treatment.

4. Firas Kamel Sa'id Zbeidi, ID 950147637 from Nablus.  Arrested on 6.11.08.

Request for remand extension: 8 days 

The defendant is Attorney Aabed's client.  Aabed, as mentioned previously, is not present.  The investigator informs the court that Attorney Aabed talked with him on the phone and told him to inform the judge that he (Aabed) opposes the [remand] request, but leaves the decision to the court.  The detainee looks lost.  He glances from side to side in fear and despair, and finally asks to speak.  He tells the court that his parents died a month before his arrest and that he did not do anything wrong. 

Judge's decision: 8 days remand extension. 

On his way to the door the detainee he covers his eyes himself.  The policeman adjusts the covering and handcuffs him.

5. Muhammad Ziad Marawi Taher Harez, ID 975168097, from Nablus,

arrested on 6.11.08.

Request for remand extension: 8 days.

The detainee is a relatively older man, 43 years old.  He too is a client of Attorney Aabed who is not present.  None of the attorneys here are willing to represent him in Aabed's place, neither are they present in the courtroom when the defendant is there.  He asks to speak for himself.  He asks for mercy from God and from his Honor the judge (the investigator and the translator don't bother to hide their giggle).  In 1995 he was released from prison and opened a small grocery store near his home, and he is there all the time.  He did not do anything bad.  The judge asks him if he has seen a doctor, and he answers that when he arrived at the prison the doctor saw him for 5 minutes.

Judge's decision: extended remand for 8 days and medical supervision. 

The suspect thanks the judge and the investigator with humility.


6. Muhammad Hader Muati Zaro, ID 948963293, from Hebron. 

Arrested: 14.10.08

Request for remand: 16 days.

Attorney: Abu Wassel. The suspect stands throughout the entire hearing which lasts less than two minutes and is the removed quickly.

Judge's decision: extended remand for 12 days by agreement of the two sides.

7. Issar Suhil Raouf Azar, ID 951983643 from Qabalan.  Arrested 4.11.08

Request for remand extension: 16 days.

Attorney Abu Wassel happily agrees with the investigator on extended remand for 13 additional days and quickly vanishes from the room. 

The Druze celebrate the holiday of Nebi Musa from December 7-10, and are not working during that time. 

The judge's decision: extended remand for 13 days.

8. Balal Hassan Ibrahim Saruf, ID 913244398 from Nuba-Hebron. 

Arrested on 10.11.08

Request for remand: 16 days. 

Attorney Raed Mahamid agrees with the investigator upon 13 days.  He leaves the room without relating to the defendant.

The judge shows more empathy towards the defendant than his lawyer.  He reads his decision to him, waits for the translation and asks him if he understood and if he has anything to say.  The defendant says no. 

Judge's decision: remand extension for 13 days.


9. Mohammed Suhil Afif Muflah, ID 859005431 from Utzrin, arrested: 23.10.08

Request for remand extension: 16 days.

Attorneys: Raed Mahamid and Abu Wassel.

The defendant is sick and complains that he is suffering from pain.  He says that he was told that in another month he would see a medical expert. 

Judge's decision: extended remand of 13 days by agreement of both sides.

10. Mohammed Osama Wadud Muhtaseb, ID 851405753 from Hebron. Arrested  on 23.10.08.

Request for remand extension: 16 days.

Attorney Abu Wassel agrees with the investigator upon 12 days.

Judge's decision: Remand extension for 12 days.

11. Abada Mohammed Atman Dar Mahmud, ID 853201986 from Zwata, arrested on 3.11.08.

Request for remand extension: 8 days.

The detainee is a very young man, 18 years old and a few days old. 

Attorney: Abu Wassel

Judge's decision: Remand extension for 8 days.