'Azzun, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Mon 21.3.11, Morning

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Niva D., Roni S. (reporting), Translator: Judith Green

06:55  Habla. The structure of the gate has changed and a new side gate has been added for pedestrians.  However, the vehicle gate was closed and the buses waited alongside the nurseries.  This turns out to be the present process and, after the drivers have been checked, the gate is opened by the soldiers and the drivers.  The soldiers went into the buses and even checked the documents of several of the children.  The buses continued on their way.  A number of other vehicles went through in both directions;  at the same time, pedestrians went through the new gate.


07:20 The process is quick and everyone goes through with no problems.  Only about 10 Palestinians were left on the Habla side.

07:30 No one waiting at Eliyahu gate (109), but we see a number of pedestrians and carts on the road between there and the turnoff to Qalqilya. We go to 'Azzun.  No military vehicles were seen along the way.

07:50  Falamya. There are only a few people in the morning.  2 tractors go through after inspection of the "travelers".  One Palestinian goes through quickly, etc..  We meet a Palestinian from the neighboring village who asked for help for his son, who is a patient in an Israeli hospital;  we take some medical documents from him.  The soldiers come to talk with us, but the checkpoint commander is very hostile.

08:20 We leave the checkpoint and travel on the improved gravel road to the village of Falamya, and from there to Kfar Jamal.  A resident of Kfar Jamal told us that the IDF (?) announced to the residents of the village, a few days ago, that they are moving their fence.  Has anybody heard about this? From Kfar Jamal to Jayyus there is a lot of work on the road, but it is possible to pass.  Because of Shushan Purim, we left earlier this time and finished our shift.  We didn't meet any army on the way back.