Petah Tikva - Holding and trading of combat materiel, Remand Extension

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Ada Heilbronn (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.

A routine day at the court, except for the fact that the blindfolds were removed from the detaineesinfo-icon eyes as they were going up and down the stairs. This was a pleasant surprise,
and when I asked Commander Arye David, he said that this is the law!

There are 15 detainees in the docket, for some reason, most of them are from the village of Madama, near Nablus. (Was there a raid in the village the night before?)
Justice Major Eliahu Nimni sternly orders the guards to take off the detainees' handcuffs
before entering the courtroom.

At 9:35 the session concerning a "barred" (from seeing an attorney) detainee begins.
Attorney Abed arrives at 9:45, and Abu Wassal, Raed Mahamid and Samer Sama'an
arrive at 9:55.
The interpreter sits for a moment next to the interrogator, then moves to the first row

(the suspect sits in the second row). He sometimes turns to the suspect when translating.

Interrogator Sgt. Major Ataf Awida, as is his wont, refuses to provide any information to the attorneys. The judge, however, instructs him to reveal any information that the detainee could, and perhaps did, give to the defense. The interrogator insists the judge order him respond, and the judge obliges. Ostensibly, this widens the possibilities for the defense, but in the end we heard the same old phrase: ".The confidential file suggests that there is danger..." Even though the number of remand days was somewhat reduced, the interrogator got what he wanted.

1 "Barred" detainee

2. Muaseb Tawfik Hend, ID. No 852548734, from Nablus. Arrested on 15.12.08.
Remand extension request: 15 days.
Attorney Abed argues with the interrogator about the time the alleged offenses took place. The investigator refers to the confidential file. The judge tells the interrogator that it is not up to him to decide what to respond to. It is not he (the interrogator) who runs the show. If the answer does not harm the investigation, he must answer. The interrogator
says that the event took place four years ago. The detainee is about 19 years old today, so he was a minor at the time. He has been in detention for almost a month. (He looks like a sweet, smiling kid).
Judge's decision: remand extension for 8 days.

3. Kaisser Abd El Aziz Aldik, ID No. 936544402 from Aldik village.
Arrested on 15.12.08.
Remand request: 15 days.
Attorney Abu Wassel conducts a long discussion in Arabic with the investigator. The judge examines the file and allows the interrogator NOT
to respond to the attorney's question. It turns out that last week the
detainee was brought in for remand extension of 15 days, but the judge
granted only 8 days, so now he's brought in for another 15-day remand
request. Abu Wassel asks if the investigator seeks to tell the defense something or just to retaliate against the detainee. The interrogator claims he did not have enough time and that it was all for practical reasons. He tells the defense: "you're fumbling in the dark, looking in all directions." Laughter breaks out in the court.
The suspect complains of breathing problems and an earache. The interrogator says a doctor is available 24 hours a day. The suspect says someone came to see him a week ago, but since then he has had no treatment. The interrogator insists there is a medic in prison who takes care of complaints or refers anyone with a medical need to a physician.
Judge's decision: remand extension for 8 days.

4. Muhammad Mahfuz Daud, ID NO.909846628 from Qalqilia. Arrested on 10.12.08.
Remand request: 8 days.
Defense: Attorney Raed Mahamid.
This is the same cab driver that came before the court last week on charges that he carried a gun in his cab. The interrogator would not say if other items were captured.
Judge's decision: remand extension for 8 days.

5. Farouk Mahmud Mussa, ID No. 850003583, from Arabe. Arrested on 19.12.08.
Remand request: 8 days.
Attorney Abed reports that the detainee has complained that the GSS  threatens to
arrest his parents and other family member; he is prevented from praying;
he has suffered insults and humiliation and has been pressured into confessing to offenses that he did not commit. (A bored interpreter plays with his cell phone and translates only intermittently). The judge tells the attorney that he should complain to

the GSS authorities, but he himself cannot intervene, as this is outside his bailiwick.
Judge's decision: remand extension for 8 days.

6. Shahid Ghassan Ziada, ID No.853107688, from Madama, near Nablus.

Arrested on 10.12.08.
Remand request: 16 days.
(The judge wonders aloud how parents can name their child Shahid).
The interrogator and the attorney agree on a 13-day remand extension. The attorney presses the detainee to accept the deal. The confused suspect looks around and finally consents.
Judge's decision: 13 days remand extension, as per agreement between the
two sides.

7. Zudki Hussein Dib, ID No. 904655859 from Madama. Arrested on 11.12.08.
Remand request: 16 days.
Attorney Samer Sama'an: The suspect is married and has children. He is suspected of membership in the Popular Front [of Liberation of Palestine]. He's already been in ustody for 35 days. It is all a result of an incriminating report to the police by a relative who orks
for the PA and who has shot a family member in the leg. It is a family feud that has led to the arrest of several family members. The charges against the suspect are that he distributed posters, but he denies the allegations.
Judge's decision: remand extension for 13 days.

8. Rami Muhammad Nasser, ID No. 905160941, from Madama. Arrested on 11.12.08

Remand request: 16 days.
Attorney Sama'an: The suspect is a teacher. He was arrested and released several months ago. Both in the previous interrogation and in the present one, much pressure was put on him to confess. He's been in custody for 35 days, and most of the time he is in solitary confinement..
Judge's decision: remand extension for 13 days.

9. Ali Assem Ziada, ID No. 853107688 from Madama. Arrested on 8.1.09.
Remand request: 16 days.
Defense: Raed Mahamid.
Judge's decision: 13 days, by agreement between the two sides.

10. Anan Nasir Nasser, ID No. 906297791 from Madama. Arrested on 11.12.08.
Remand request: 16 days
Attorney: Sama'an.
Judge's decision: 15 days remand extension.

11. Muhammed Jaber Hasar, ID No. 851994160 from Madama. Arrested on 29.12.08
Defense: Attorney Sama'an
Judge's decision: 13 days by agreement between the two sides.

12. Yasir Omar Nasser, ID. NO. 851952713 from Madama. Arrested on 29.12.08.
Remand request: 16 days.
Attorney: Sama'an.
Judge's decision: 13 days, by agreement between the sides.

13. Tamer Nuradin Aashur, ID No. 947905295 from Nablus. Arrested on 22.12.08.
Remand request: 16 days.
Attorneys: Abu Wassel and Raed Mahamid.
Judge's decision: 13 days remand extension, by agreement between the sides.

I left the court at noon. Three suspects remained in the docket, including
the "barred" one.