'Awarta, 'Azzun 'Atma, Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Habla, Huwwara, Jit, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 7.4.11, Afternoon

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Yaffa Waks. Yehudiet Levin

 Natanya translating

There is much army traffic.

13.55  Habla checkpoint.  The gate is open, the inhabitants are going through either on foot or in horse and cart. After the checking in the rooms

14.25 A border patrol jeep stands watching opposite the entrance to the village of Jit.

14.27 Immediately after the Jit checkpoint are two command cars which block the way to Huwwara – road 60. Palestinian cars are forced to go in the direction of the village of Sara and from there to Nablus – and from there to Huwwara-Ramallah and not by the usual road. Soldiers allow us to pass.

In the middle of the ascent about a kilometer before Gilad's farm there is a large gathering. Some command cars and many soldiers. They are next to an Israeli car which is parked at the side of the road at the east. The windows of the car in front are smashed. We did not see another car so could not decide that it was an accident. We did not see Palestinian cars on the road. Only two cars with Israeli number plates came from the opposite direction.  On the road opposite the village of Madama was a command car and two armed soldiers standing next to it.

14.45 At the crossroads of road 60-Burin: We were surprised not to see an Israeli army presence …mini-buses came from the direction of Huwwara-Ramallah turned without being stopped (so it seemed) in the direction of road 60. We parked close to the crossroads and saw that in a few minutes army cars arrived which closed the turning to Palestinians. They were then forced to make a detour to enter Nablus so as to get, for example, to Tulkarm.

14,47 Huwwara checkpoint. Cars going to and from Nablus next to the posts which were not manned.  But sentry posts and a guard post next to the settlement of Bracha.

14.50 Beit Furik checkpoint. We did not see soldiers at the checkpoint. The passage of Palestinians went unchecked.

On all the hitching posts were announcements of “The Land of Israel march.”

The Awarta checkpoint is closed with a yellow iron bar.  We met a TV crew from West Saudi.

We will try to send photos of the occupation of another hill by the settlers of Itamar.

A number of residents of Awarta whom we met said that now and again at night soldiers come and take men and lately women, married and unmarried. It is not known if all return in the morning. They are harassed, interrogate, fingerprints are taken and specimens of their spit. Each time another group.

16.20 Crossroads of Za'tara.  There is a lot of pressure in front of the checkpoint. A border policeman checks cars. Yellow taxis are stopped.       

16.45 Azzun Atma checkpoint.  A police car bring detained Palestinians for a short wait at the checkpoint. When we ask the commander he explains that they created a disturbance in Israel and threw stones. Their work permits were taken from them and they will have to explain their behavior at the DCO so as to have these permits returned to them (?!) We were not allowed to speak to them. Workers coming back from their daily work in the settlements wait in a line to have their documents checked and soon the line disappears.