Husan, Beit Ummar, Etzion DCL, Nabi Yunis, Mon 21.3.11, Morning

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Chaya O., Chana S.(reporting)



Husan, Etzion DCL, Beit Ummar, Monday 21.3.11, morning

Observers:  Chaya O.,  Chana S. (reporting)

7:30 am,  Husan taxi rank:  two prearranged meetings.

At the Efrata junction there was exceptionally heavy traffic in direction of Bethlehem. 

8:00 am, Etzion DCL:  few people at the checkpoint.  Two soldiers opened the office on time and said there would be regular service, in spite of Purim.

At the entrance to the driveway leading to the DCL, opposite Alon Shevut, is a fine banner advertising   'Im Tirzu'.  (a photograph by Chaya will be sent separately).

8:20  am, Beit Ummar:  four applicants were waiting.  One will come again next week to sign forms.

9.00 am, Nabi Yunis: No clients at the CP.